Y.V's Mansion is the first secret area implemented in the game.

Y.V's Mansion always has a Golden Weapon Chest, which only appears in this level, and is guaranteed to contain a Golden Weapon

This area is treated as 3-2. Beating it teleports you straight to 3-3, which means you skip 3-2 and the game's difficulty remains the same.

How to enter Y.V's Mansion

Y.V.'s mansion is accessed through the car with a golden outline found in level 3-1 of the Scrapyard. In order to start the car you must first repair it. Repairing the car is done by hitting it once with a Screwdriver, Golden Screwdriver or Energy Screwdriver. Be careful not to destroy the car, as i will explode as any other car, if damaged too much. This only works in single player.

Once the car is fixed, the signal to press 'E' will appear. Do so and a portal will spawn, teleporting you to Y.V.'s Mansion. This also kills almost all enemies currently in the level, granting you their rads and pickups if you are in range. The fixed Golden Car's radio will play music if you don't enter it immediately.


Music Lyrics

It's the

Dead body looting

Mutant shooting

Venus mouthing

Root in tooting

Luger toting

Ruger loading

Bullet throwing

Way too long grenade holding

Triangular might mangle you weapon to rap

Flash color coded clips N and RPG hat

Baby, baby blue ammo turns red when it claps

Shoot your face in the fat

Give your cadaver a slap

Where the level boss at I wanna clickclickcaclick that

See em, shoot em, skin em, wear em, mount em on a wall

If it's completely armor plated I will shoot it in the BALL... like a black hole or vulture flock. You're violently challenged

Your thangs don't cock

Your things get shot

Your party stops

When I roll up teen wolfing on an ambulance top

This ain't no game ain't never been no show

And I'll gladly gun down the oldest lady you know

I don't need no friends I don't need no phone Just a bag of severed heads

And my Nuclear Throne

Me no believe in trends

Me no believe in gnomes

All me be believe in Is my Nuclear Throne

I don't need no bread

I don't need no home

Just everybody dead And my Nuclear Throne

Me kill you in a nowhere

Me kill you all alone Me kill you in the face For my Nuclear Throne

Trouble don't wanna

You me gon gun down you mama

We be for fun kill a lama

Dog donkey zebra piranha

Me ride a giraffe up on top a

And go jihadamatata

Who hotta?

Beside the guy who cuts horse meat off the shwarma Gungoda!

Shoot you in the morning get your blood on my eggs Shoot you in the hand head face chest neck legs

At chrismahanakwanzica him hide under tree

Jump out mini-gunning down your fat family

Wanna spell a good time to me?

It's M-U-R-D-E-R N-O-N-S-T-O-P

You don't wanna be the duty I shooty

Better than a good nudie movie

To me is a gun and cookie

Hot like the huxstable RUDY


  • The enemies and tile-set of this area are based on designs from Vlambeer's previous game Gun Godz, from which Y.V. also originated.
  • The music that the Golden Car's radio plays after you fix it was made by Joonas Turner.
  • The SFX and rap for both Gun Godz and the Y.V's Mansion music were both made by Doseone, who also voices Y.V.
  • This area's enemies will still shoot at you if you play as Y.V. He ordered them to do that just so he can have fun.
  • If you listen close to the ambient noise in the mansion, you can hear music in the background. This is the same music that plays in the elevators in Gun Godz.
  • The theme for Y.V's Mansion is "Venus Mansion".
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