Y.V's Crib is a part of Y.V's Mansion that can only be entered if you play as Y.V. and get one of his Ultra Mutations.

This secret area has no enemies, and instead holds a bunch of different props. Here you will find a garage full of Golden Cars and two Huge Golden Chests that hold 25 different weapons each. These chests can contain weapons from six difficulties higher. Opening both chests will give you tons of ammo for the weapons found inside. These chests will also be affected by the Open Mind mutation and Crown of Love.

Y.V's round cousin (called Yung Cuz) is also here, sitting on a couch, eating triangular chips and playing video games on a console plugged to a giant golden TV. He will pause the game if you stand too close. Youg Cuz will cheer whenever you press "B" to sound the airhorn.  If you break the TV it will make Yong Cuz cry. The TV has 1000 HP.

You can leave the level by pressing "E" near any of the Golden Cars parked in the garage and proceed to the next level. Blowing up the cars will respawn them after few seconds.

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