• Chicken! A katana-wielding mutant that can slow down time. 
  • Crowns now work! They still need a lot of work, and some of them are horrible or unbalanced, but you can find them in the Crown Vault and mess around with them. 
  • Gold weapons! That will start spawning after you loop the game. 
  • A new B-skin. 
  • Loading texts can now be based on the weapon you're carrying. 
  • A secret, new, rare enemy in levels after Desert


  • Crossbow Lungs renamed to Bolt Marrow, now makes bolts jump straight into nearby enemies. Lots of fun! 
  • Plasma weapons now deal splash damage making them not quite useless. 
  • Frogs walk away from you at spawn. 
  • Less accuracy for the Auto Crossbow. 
  • Ammo starting amounts are different. 
  • Steroids ammo starting amounts are different. 
  • More range for the Snow Tanks


  • Weapons should no longer go through portals after death. 
  • Portals should no longer spawn outside of levels. 
  • Frozen City enemies now spawn when looping. 
  • Gators no longer spawn inside walls. 
  • Gators & Assassins now give Rads when killed before activated. 
  • Health can no longer be negative. 
  • When carrying a melee weapon only, the bullet ammo type no longer lights up on the HUD. 


  • Snowbot finalization & car pickup/throw animations. 
  • Snow and ashes in the Frozen City
  • A couple of new Frozen City props, including 2 rare ones. 
  • Renamed Crossbow Lungs to Bolt Marrow. 
  • Cool pedestals in the Crown Vaults. 
  • Snowbots now leave dust trails when attacking. 
  • Smoking Gators now carry their shotgun on their back. 
  • Some more loading screen texts. 
  • Snowtank graphics! 
  • Y.V. now starts with a gold revolver. 
  • Chainsaw is now a Jackhammer. 
  • Big Dog corpses look slightly different.
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