• A new area, the Frozen City, featuring two new enemy types.
  • New weapons: wreak melee havok with the Chainsaw and Energy Hammer or use the new favorite here at Vlambeer, the Flak Cannon.
  • New mutation: Crossbow Lungs. Makes bolt-based weapons slightly homing towards the mouse. Probably still needs some work.


  • Snipers will wait a bit longer before firing at the start of a level.
  • Plant's snare no longer stops enemies completely, they can now escape given enough time.
  • Some small Big Dog changes. You now have some time to escape after it dies, it spams less missiles, and spawning next to it won't trigger it right away.
  • Slightly more screwdriver damage.
  • Impact Wrists now deals a bit less damage. Still needs some work!
  • The I.D.P.D. is no longer interested in the mysterious statues collecting rads, instead damage to the statues will sound their interdimensional alarms.


  • There should be no more enemies in Crown Vaults after you loop the game.
  • Vaults now return you to the next area instead of 4_1.
  • Killing props in a Vault will no longer spawn portals.
  • Getting Boiling Veins and walking into fire will no longer shake the screen like crazy.
  • Fire Trap scorchmarks are now also visible on grass.
  • Game no longer crashes if you kill Big Dog & it spawns a portal.
  • Some investigation into causes of lag/memory leaks. Will take a while to improve, but we're working on it.


  • Cars now move slightly when hit.
  • The statue only spawns in X_2 areas now. No more cave statues.
  • Changed some character & skill texts.
  • Some of the contrast on Desert tiles has been changed.
  • Renamed Laser Sword to Energy Sword.

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