• you can visit the mysterious Crown Vaults, even though there is not much there yet. 
  • new mutation that might still need some work: Impact Wrists. makes corpses fly further and deal more damage on contact. 
  • plant now has an idle animation in the menu. 
  • the I.D.P.D. 
  • mysterious statues.


  • bandits no longer shoot when you're standing super close. 
  • changed the Discgun a bit, should no longer kill you randomly. 
  • Plant's Snare now kills anything with less than 50% health when upgraded with Throne Butt.
  • Big Bandit should no longer drop nothing sometimes. 
  • nerfed Fire Eater (now Boiling Veins) to lowered damage from explosions, no damage from fire. 
  • slower Splinter Gun rate of fire. 
  • nerfed Rabbit Foot, it now gives 60% more drops now instead of 100% more.


  • clicking a volume bar in the options menu now instantly sets the game to that volume. 
  • music volume settings now also work for menu & boss music. 
  • Flame Trap no longer make sounds when the portal has spawned. 
  • portals no longer kill enemies. 
  • corpse hitting something plays the hit sound effect. 
  • double clicking now only works if you do it half a second before reload. shovel etc. won't give as much trouble now. 
  • fixed nomusic.txt! 
  • missed Plasma bullets no longer give people ammo with lucky shot. 
  • fixed a bug with Scrap Yard boss spawning/making ravens fly when player is dead. 
  • Sticky Grenade depth is now on top of enemies.


  • renamed some mutations. 
  • props now mirror randomly. 
  • new campfire, barrel, torch graphics. 
  • Plant's Snare now stops fire from traps. 
  • Telekinesis now works on small pickups and weapons too. 
  • Telekinesis now works on all non-player projectiles, including flame traps & toxic gas. 
  • health pickups are now hearts instead of red crosses. 
  • rolling with Fish while standing still rolls towards the mouse. 
  • logo now pulsates instead of wiggles.
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