• wave gun 
  • plasma gun (needs sound effects) 
  • plasma cannon (needs sound effects) 
  • sentry gun (very unfinished) 
  • plant b skin 
  • new props (rotting cacti and -CLASSIFIED- in the desert, tires in the scrapyard, cocoons in caves) 
  • some new mutation icons 


  • fixed some music memory leaking 
  • you can now use the mouse in the menu while in gamepad mode 
  • quick restarting no longer gives you big weapon chests 
  • fixed music stopping at quick restart 
  • menu no longer crashes when pressing escape at the logo 
  • characters can be selected again in the menu 
  • picking up a weapon with control no longer does that every frame ;) 
  • fixed young venuz airhorn and metal hit sound effects. 
  • big rats can no longer be killed with the snare. 


  • gamepad quick restart with (A) 
  • toxics should now disappear when portal spawns 
  • added "fit to the screen" option 
  • slightly updated logo with better kerning 
  • splinter gun changed around a bit 
  • robot description now says "EATS GUNS", way cooler 
  • cave sparkles 
  • new pipe graphics 
  • less energy weapon screenshake 
  • lots of crown vault work, not public yet, sorry


  • save file will be reset, sorry. we probably won't have save files that transfer between builds until we get character unlocks in.
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