• options screen
  • gamepad support (with sliiiight autoaim)
  • options and stats are now saved
  • escape no longer ends the game, goes to a placeholder pause screen
  • crisp scaling


  • crowns no longer travel with you after quick restart
  • guns no longer travel with you after quick restart
  • potential steam overlay/screenshot fix
  • potentially fixed yung venuz airhorn crashes
  • possibly fixed the double player bug (kinda sad to remove this... such a cool bug)
  • you now always fight mixed enemies when looping (instead of having 1 level with *desert enemies first)
  • broke and then fixed the boss intros :P
  • game is now smarter with memory use, should increase performance for some people!


  • laser sword now costs 2 ammo per swing (needs testing)
  • LUCKY SHOT now gives you ammo more often
  • more accuracy with EAGLE EYES
  • even less accuracy for steroids
  • big bandit can now drop ammo and health instead of just ammo.
  • lower sewer pipe hp
  • eyes now attracts chests with telekinesis


  • big dog waking up should make ravens fly
  • some new robot texts
  • added number of loops to the gameover screen
  • quit button in the menu
  • added total loops and best loops stat
  • new euphoria icon
  • big dog no longer fires missiles after death
  • [E] to pick up becomes [X] with gamepad
  • renamed RECYCLE GUT into METAL TEETH
  • gamepad set to 0 when not detected at startup
  • sliiiightly bigger maggot hitbox
  • shift and control also pick up weapons


  • when playing with gamepad, plug it in and make sure it's active before starting up the game.
  • the pause screen doesn't work properly in the dark levels.
  • in the options screen, you can't directly control the SFX volume yet. We'll look *into a way to get this working eventually.
  • gamepad controls have been designed for xbox 360 controller. We'll eventually add customizable controls. For now: left stick moves, right stick aims, right trigger/bumper fires, left bumper for special, x to pick up weapons, y to swap weapons, start to pause.
  • the whole options screen will eventually get an overhaul to make it look and function a bit better. we'll then also add gamepad support for the options screen.
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