• new menu & level up interface
  • character power preview images (these will be animated eventually)
  • basic portal effect inbetween levels
  • there are a couple of new skill icons, our artist Paul Veer is still working on making the rest look that nice.
  • ambient sounds for all areas, filter on ambient sounds when in the portal
  • various new sound effects
  • two new work in progress weapons: the toxic bow and splinter gun
  • props in sewers (pipes and toxic barrels)
  • car wrecks in scrapyard
  • it now rains in the scrapyard! poor birds


  • steroids throne butt changed, now makes all weapons fully automatic and 1/5 of shots don't cost any ammo!
  • fish now rolls in movement direction instead of towards mouse
  • plant throne butt now makes the snare kill anything under 1/3 health instead of dealing damage


  • you can now add a file called "nomusic.txt" or "NOMUSIC.TXT" to the game folder to mute the music.
  • there should be less crashes at level loading.
  • game no longer stays in 4_1 after first loop.
  • more impact effect tweaks, causing less of a delay when hitting a pile of maggots with a melee weapon.
  • big dog gunangle bug when player dies before he "wakes up" fixed
  • fire traps no longer damage props or wake up the big dog
  • shotgun bullets should no longer clip through walls
  • weapons should no longer rotate like crazy when stuck in walls
  • music no longer stops when quick restarting
  • hopefully fixed the shotgun crashes
  • various random optimization things and small fixes


  • slightly more ammo for energy weapon pickups
  • melee weapons only deal damage once now
  • ever so slightly lower assault rifle rate of fire
  • slightly lower slugger rate of fire
  • lower triple machinegun spread, making it actually useful
  • slightly more screwdriver rangeMisc
  • radiation canisters now glow
  • HUD is now shown when loading/leveling
  • skill icons on the HUD now drawn closer to the side
  • debris now disappears after a while
  • enemy slash animation is longer
  • grenade launchers no longer automatic
  • lower sound effect volume
  • changed the character descriptions around a bit
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