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Trashtalk is the language spoken by the mutants in Nuclear Throne.

Trashtalk is being developed by Joonas Turner, who also does the voice acting in the game for all of the characters except for Yung Venuz (Doseone ), Rogue (Danielle McRaven), Frog (Jukio Kallio), Rebel, and the Female I.D.P.D. (Isa And aka Chisaleya).

Paul Veer confirmed that Trashtalk has no written variant. JW revealed that Bandits speak a simplified dialect of Trashtalk. 

Included in the Nuclear Throne Indiebox was a Guide to Trashtalk, created by Joonas. It lists several phrases and sounds used in Trashtalk, with their rough English equivalent, all of which are listed below.

Trashtalk  English
' A slight gap in pronunciation/an accent

The beginning syllable to something negative (E.g. TH'Ö = enemy) Could also be opposite of another word. (E.g TH'YRR = night, YRR = day)

VE' The beginning syllable to something positive (E.g. VE'KH = blessing)
Ä me/mine/us
Ö you/yours/them
S it
ÄÖ/ÖÄ us/we <-- If  Ä becomes weird to use, or if you want to use emphasis
El all/everything
OR something
I yes/positive/possible (pronounced like English "e" short, or Finnish "i")
TH'I no/negative
FL to do/done/did/to perform an action/give/action to be/is
F'I exist/true
FAH more
FHO to look/examine/check out
FAA to know/remember
FHE sound/produce a sound/noise
SH this/that
YN now/right away
YRR day
TH'YRR night
AN later
IEN earlier/past
WEN always/ever
KHUN change
D' dead
D'Ä hurt, self
D'Ö hurt, other
HU weak/weakling/loser
HYA to lose/lost/can't find
ISUM Throne or ruler
KHA to protect
KFO to share/give
LN'IM small
LN'OM big
VE'Ä family
VE'Ö friends
VE'SHO life/also used for heal
VE'KH blessing
VE'LN hope/believe/trust
WRO from/with
MUK an item/object
GUR container
RHA hard
UUN close
TH'UUN far
KAI pull
TH'KAI push
D'MUKGUR hurt item container a.k.a. Weapon Chest
D'MUKGURFAH hurt item container more a.k.a. Ammo chest or clip
FLÄISUM To become powerful (self)
FLÄSHYN Let's do this! (directly: To do me this now)
FHEGURÖYN You have a text message (directly: sound container you now)
LN'IMVE'SHO Low health
HA HA HA laugh
Spitting a bad word/diss

In the PAX East Trailer for Nuclear Throne the narration is done in Trashtalk, which is subtitled. Using this, some phrases can be translated, as shown in this table.


Nuclear Throne - PAX East Trailer

Trashtalk English
RHAÄVE'SHO Our lives are hard
FLÄÖWEN Still, we try
FLSTH'KHUN Will it always be this way?
KHUNORI Something needs to change
KHUNÄÖFAAI We know it can change
FLÄÖI We have to try
KHA... We have to reach..
FLÄISUM The Nuclear Throne
FLÄSHYN Let's do this!

Same thing goes for the 2015 launch trailer.

Trashtalk English
TH'ÄF'IIEN We have no past
ORSHIEN What happened to this world?
KFOEI(TH'YN) All sharing the same future...
KAIUUNÄ This draws us closer...
FLÄISUM To the Nuclear Throne