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Throne II is the final form of the Nuclear Throne.

It appears after you kill the last I.D.P.D. unit in the Campfire area. It spawns in the exact same spot where the last enemy was killed, so be careful as it can kill you instantly while spawning in.

The game loops back to the Desert area after defeating this boss.


Throne II constantly floats around the area, dealing 10 damage on contact. It has two attack phases.

Orb Phase

Throne II fires bursts of large green orbs. There are two types of this attack:
  • Burst of 3 orbs. Similar to the attack the Throne used during your first encounter, these orbs travel a short distance and in turn split into 8 lines of 4 guardian-like orbs each. The large orbs deal 12 damage on contact and instantly spawn the small ones if they hit your character. Each small orb deals 5 damage. Each additional loop increases the number of orbs by 1, and the number of lines each orb splits into by 1.
  • Burst of 5 brighter colored orbs. After traveling a short distance each orb will shoot out a beam composed of closely packed green bullets. Each beam is shot in a random direction. The orbs deal 12 damage on contact. Each bullet deals 2 damage. Each additional loop increases the number of brighter colored orbs by 1.
Both types of large orbs have a high chance to drop mini ammo/health pickups.

Static Phase

The Throne will stop moving for a moment and shoot out fast moving lines of smaller green orbs in a star pattern around its center. Each small orb deals 5 damage.
Throne medusa2.gif


  • The fight appears to take place inside a portal.
  • The animation file for this boss is called "throne_medusa.gif"
  • Throne II boss theme is "This Is It".
Throne II