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The Technomancer is a boss encountered in the Labs after looping at least once.

Technomancer is locked in some sort of machine. The boss jumps between various battle stations depending on where the player is. There are 3 battle stations on the first loop, and the number of battle stations increases by 1 with each additional loop. The battle stations are placed randomly in the area. Destroying all of the battle stations kills the boss.


Technomancer has two attack phases. He will randomly switch between them.

Turret Phase

Technomancer will summon a Turret which shoots at the player.

Resurrection Phase

Technomancer has the ability to turn other enemy's corpses into living Necromancers. This ability has no apparent range limit. The only limit is line of sight, as the corpses cannot be obstructed by walls. Technomancer shoots an invisible projectile that has extremely high speed and after reaching a corpse, turns it into a Necromancer. Unlike the Necromancer's ability, this affects only one corpse at a time.

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