The Snowbot is one of the enemies encountered in the Frozen City. Their primary means of attack is to charge towards the player at high speeds, dealing 4 contact damage to the Player during this state. While their movement speed is high, it takes them some time to accelerate, and cannot turn unless they bounce off of a wall -- use this to your advantage!

Snowbot caridle
The Snowbots will pick up any cars they come across, and attempt to throw them at the player. Similarly to the Car Wreck prop, they create three Big Explosions upon destruction, and can be destroyed by shooting them. Crystal's shield can reflect them directly back at the Snowbot that throws them, or you can alternatively shoot them to slightly deviate their flight path.

Snowbots have a 33% chance to throw cars at their target every behavioral cycle, but will not do it from long range.


  • Prior to Update 99, Snowbots would turn any car they picked up Blue. Their sprites were updated to include the Red cars found in the scrapyard, where they can natively spawn in loops.
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