The Snowbot is one of the enemies encountered in the Frozen City. This enemy has 2 attacks:

Their most common attack is to charge into you at an alarming speed dealing 4 damage on contact. You can tell they are about to charge when they flash white. It's advised to kill them from a distance, when they are idle. Snowbots only deal contact damage when charging.

Snowbot caridle
The Snowbots will pick up any cars they come across. They then attempt to throw these cars at the player. The car will explode on impact creating 3 big explosions, similar to the stationary Car Wreck prop. You can only deflect it directly back at the Snowbot by using Crystal's shield, but hitting the car at the right angle can change its trajectory and you won't take damage from it. Hitting it is quite difficult, as the car flies at high speed.