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The Shielder fires massive barrages of 8 shots in a small spread. Unlike every other ranged enemy, all I.D.P.D. troops (including the Shielder) can shoot your character from point blank.

The Shielder is very tough and will shield to block your attacks and reflect projectiles. This shield works similar to Crystal's shield ability, but has a short delay in its startup animation.

Shielder Shielding new.gif

Attacks deflected by the shield:

Attacks negated by the shield:

  • Small Plasma projectiles (no impact damage but the projectiles explode),
  • Bolt Weapons: bolts, splinters and seekers,
  • Fire Weapons,
  • Missiles (no impact damage but the missiles explode),
  • Blood Cannon projectiles (no impact damage but the projectiles explode),
  • Hyper Launcher's grenade (no impact damage but the grenades explode),
  • Toxin,
  • Horror's rad beam,
  • The shield is solid and blocks damage from the Gamma Guts and Sharp Teeth mutations,
  • Green bullets like those of the Frog Pistol.

Attacks that bypass the shield:


  • On one of Sleepcycles' streams, he made a bet with JW: "If Sleepcycles doesn't smoke a single cigarette for a month, JW will have to nerf Shielders". A month after that, in update #73, additional frames were added to Shielders' startup animation, slightly delaying their ability to shield.