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The Scrapyard is the next area after the Sewers. The general layout of the area is a mix of the open parts from the Desert, and the constricted corridors from the Sewers. It rains constantly in the Scrapyard, a depressing indication of the challenge to come.

The Scrapyard is filled with cars that explode when shot the requisite amount of times. This can be helpful in taking out large groups of enemies, but also quite dangerous if used for cover. A Proto Statue will spawn in 3-2.

The enemy number seems to almost double compared to past areas. The Scrapyard leads to the Crystal Caves.




  • The main theme for the Scrapyard is "Mt. Rubble" while the alternate theme is "Secret Entrance".
  • The boss theme for Big Dog is "Dogs".
  • On some walls, you will find half buried cars. Using the Hammerhead mutation to destroy one of them will cause an explosion that can kill you.