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Features that were once in Nuclear Throne but have been removed or redesigned.


Content permanently removed from the game.


Enemy Description Damage Type and Amount Hit Points
Ghost idle.gif

Ghost Guardian

  • The Palace enemy.
  • Charges player.
  • Can move through walls.
  • Destroys walls on death.
  • Removed in update #37 and replaced by Dog Guardian.

Touch: 5 Damage

HP: 50


Weapon Description Weapon Chest drop Damage per shot Reload time Ammo per shot

Sentry Gun

Bullet Weapon.

A throwable Sentry Gun that costs 24 bullets and shoots the same amount of bullets at enemies within its line of sight. The sentry gun is like an enemy in which it can take damage from projectiles and has a chance to drop a medkit or ammo. This weapon isn't affected by Eagle Eyes. Can be obtained in Nuclear Throne Together, weekly challenges or with save editing.

Removed in update #46.

after loop Area 1_3


24 shots per use


2.00 sec Ammo: 24

Ion Cannon

Energy Weapon.

Shoots a beam of laser upwards and after a short delay strikes down at your cursors location 10 consecutive times causing plasma-like explosions. It can kill enemies behind walls and from across the screen.

When you move the cursor while the beams strike down, it does damage in a larger area. It's also possible to hold down the button and fire it like an automatic weapon.

Firing a shot and keeping the cursor on a single target will hit it long enough to deal 30 damage. Can be obtained in Nuclear Throne Together, weekly challenges or with save editing.

Removed in update #93.

Area 6-1

Plasma explosion: 10-20 x 10


0.33 sec Ammo: 6


Crown Description
Opposite Crown old.png
Opposite Crown
  • Makes rare floor tiles common, and the common floor tiles rare.
  • Removed in update #16 as it "Wasn't very interesting, didn't look very good, and messed up the gameplay" and was replaced by the Crown of Hatred.
Crownofchoice old.png
Crown of Choice
  • You can take only one weapon through the portal (that's in your primary weapon slot) but you get an extra Weapon Chest, Ammo Chest or Radiation Canister at start of each level.
  • If you find a Cursed Weapon, entering a portal won't remove it from your secondary weapon slot. Which means you can essentially have two weapons instead of just the primary one.
  • Removed in update #58 and replaced by Crown of Risk in update #76 which still includes the extra chest bit.
Crownofexplosion old.png
Crown of Explosions
  • Adds 3 Small Explosions to every Big Explosion spawned in the game.
  • To Explosive weapons that fire Mini Grenades it adds one extra Mini Grenade per shot; Cluster Grenades will splint into 9 Mini Grenades instead of 8.
  • Doesn't affect Blood Explosions (Melting's Special and weapons: Blood Launcher and Blood Hammer)
  • Combined with Crown of Death in update #76.


Prop Description Hit Points
Fallen Chair
A fallen chair found in the Palace. HP: 2
A table with some documents on top of it found in the Palace. HP: 2
A chandelier lighting up the Palace. HP: 2


Content added for an event and removed shortly after.


Character Description
Big Dog icon.png

Big Dog

  • Big Dog boss of the Scrapyard area, added as a playable character on 1st of April 2015, as an April Fools joke.
  • Big Dog starts with 300HP.
  • LMB triggers Big Dog's Spin Attack.
  • RMB fires three slowly moving missiles that follow your cursor.
  • Big Dog can't pickup and use any weapons.
  • Throne Butt makes his projectiles and missiles move faster.
  • Unlocked by killing the Big Dog boss.
  • Removed a week after in update #67.
  • Playable on the mod "Nuclear Throne Together" in versions 9860 and higher; activated by inputting the command "/gml race_set_active(13,1)".
  • Can be unlocked on April 1st on the open beta version on steam.
  • Removed on 2nd of April each year.


Enemy Description Damage type and amount Hit Points Drops on death

Halloweenbandit idle.gif

Halloween Bandit

  • Added on Halloween, 31st of October 2014 and will appear in the game on that day each year.
  • One or more can appear on each area.
  • Shoots one bullet at a time.
  • Same health and damage as a regular Bandit.
  • Removed on 1st of November each year.

Projectile: 3 Damage

HP: 4

Rads: 2

1 Pickup


Weapon Description Weapon Chest drop Damage per shot Ammo per shot
Party Gun.png

Party Gun

Explosive Weapon added in Update #46 to celebrate Nuclear Throne's one year of Early Access!

Shoots a Party Grenade that leaves a colorful confetti trail, it doesn't explode but deals impact damage and afterwards splits into confetti. Successfully killing an enemy plays a cheerful sound and increases the amount of confetti.

The weapon doesn't use ammo (nor does it give ammo when it's touched) and can be fired infinitely! However, it's not very accurate and has a short range.

It always drops from the first enemy you kill. Can still be obtained in Nuclear Throne Together, weekly challenges or with save editing.

Removed in update #47.

Area 1_1

On impact: 4

single shot



Prop Description Hit Points
Nuclear Cake1.gif
Nuclear Cake

Added in Update #46 to celebrate Nuclear Throne's one year of Early Access! Temporarily replaces the Campfire on the Character Selection Screen.

It has gross flavor.

Removed in update #47.

HP: ?


Content that is still in the game but changed visually and/or its mechanic was changed.


Before After Description
Robot idle b Old1.gif
Robot idle b new1.gif

Prior to update #6, Robot's b-skin was purple, matching high tech weapons which also were purple back then. The color of both was changed to the same blue as I.D.P.D. troops have. Robot stole their armor or was used for combat by the I.D.P.D. in the past.

Melting idle new.gif
Melting idle b new.gif
Melting idle new2.gif
Melting idle b new2.gif
Prior to update #48 Melting had a slightly different color palette. It was then changed so he looks "a bit less healthy" and less similar to Steroids. His B-Skin and all mutation icons with Melting also got recolored.
Plant idle b.gif
Plant idle b Sonic.gif
Plant's b-skin used to have different colors, which was changed in update #48. As Plant is the fastest moving character in the game, its new colors are a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog, from one of Paul Veer's favorite game franchises.
Crystal idle new.gif
Crystal idle new1.gif
Crystal's in-game sprites were changed a bit in update #72, to better resemble her selection screen image and icon.
Steroids idle b.gif
Steroids idle b new.gif
Steroids' B-Skin changed in update #89.


Before After Description
Gator idle Old.gif
Gator idle.gif
Gator idle new.gif
Alligators used to have a lighter green color. That was changed in update #30 to make them easier to spot on glowing ground in the Sewers.

Before update #93, the Alligators stood idle and smoked a cigarette with the shotgun on their back. It was possible to attack the Alligators while they were unarmed. They would throw the cigarette on the ground and ready their weapon if they saw you or got damaged.

Spider idle Old.gif
Spider idle new.gif
Spider idle new2.gif
Crystal Spiders used to be purple. That was changed to light green in update #23 to make them easier to spot in Crystal Caves and changed again to orange in update #61.
Bigdog missile12.gif
Bigdog missile new.png
Bigdog Missile Rotation.gif
Big Dog Missiles used to be a gray colored, static sprite which made them difficult to see in the heat of battle. That was changed in update #72 and they got animated in update #81.
Fastrat idle.gif
Fastrat idle new.gif
The look of Small Green Rats was slightly changed in update #93 which made them easier to distinguish from regular Rats.
Guardian idle.gif
Guardian idle crown.gif
Crown Guardians were temporarily removed from the game in update #79. They were redesigned and re-added in update #93. The old Crown Guardian moved by levitating. It shot green projectiles in a wide fixed spread and could reflect your projectiles.


Before After Description
Hyper Rifle Old.png
LaserPistol Old.png
Laser Rifle Old.png
Laser Minigun Old.png
Hyper rifle.png
Laser pistol.png
Laser rifle.png
Laser minigun.png
Prior to update #6 multiple high tech weapons were purple, just like Robot's b-skin. The color was changed to the same shade of blue that the I.D.P.D. troops have.
The Chainsaw's sprite was changed and was renamed to Jackhammer in update #7. Its mechanic remained the same.
Hammer gold1.gif
Golden Wrench.png

The Sledgehammer's sprite was changed and was renamed to Wrench in update #51. Its mechanic remained the same. At the same time a new melee weapon was added, taking the name and sprite of the old Sledgehammer.

In update #52 Golden Sledgehammer was replaced with a Golden Wrench.


Before After Description
Fire Eater Icon.png
Boiling veins.png
Prior to update #4 the mutation named Fire Eater provided immunity to all explosive damage, regardless of how much health your character had. There was no immunity to fire.

After the update it was renamed to Boiling Veins, which lowered damage from explosions and provided immunity to fire.

Later than that, it made you unable to take damage from explosions/fire when under half health, with the threshhold changing if you had Rhino Skin, had lowered health from chicken, etc. If your maximum health was one, you had no state in which you were at "half health", so the mutation did nothing. The icon was added in update #8, then changed again in update #67.

Gamma Guts Icon New.png
Gamma Guts2.png
Gamma Guts used to have an icon with Melting. This was changed to Eyes in update #8.
Racing Mind old.png
Shotgun fingers old.png
Racing Mind2.png
Shotgun fingers.png
Open Mind was added in update #63. At the same time Racing Mind was renamed to Trigger Fingers, and Shotgun Fingers to Shotgun Shoulders. Their icons were changed in update #67.


Before After Description
Protostatue open wiki.gif
Prior to update #41 the Proto Statues looked different. They did not need to be opened before charging and had less HP. The statues were revised because Enemies would break them too fast and charging the statue was too easy.
Skull idle.gif
Shark Skull.gif
Prior to update #47 the Skulls looked different. That was changed at the same time the Desert Secret Area was added, which confused people into thinking that you would unlock the area with this prop.
Torch idle.gif
Vault torch.png
Vault torch new.gif
The Vault Torches used to have a regular flame. That was changed in update #32 and again in update #61.
Small generator idle.gif
Small generator idle new.gif
The Palace Small Generator props were turned into explosive props in update #92 ,which also drop radiation when destroyed.
Nuclear pillar idle.gif
Nuclear pillar idle new.gif
The Palace Nuclear Pillars were changed in update #92. Regular Pillar props were removed in update #93.
Crown pedestal idle.gif
Crown pedestal new.gif
The Crown Pedestal looked like a pair of hands that would close if you attacked a Crown Guardian. The look of Crown Pedestals was changed in update #93.
Removed/Changed Content