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Daily Runs

Daily icon.png Daily runs are a feature in Nuclear Throne, which allows each player to play the same run as everyone else (using a randomly generated seed which is the same for everyone), but each player has only one chance to compete in each daily for the best rank/score on the leaderboards.

Each daily starts at 00:00 and ends at the same time (depending on your time zone, it could differ), so everyone has exactly one day to compete on the daily.

Each daily score and rank are determined by the amount of kills you have, which increases the value of certain crowns like the Crown of Blood. Players cannot start with a Crown, or Golden Weapon and cannot use the Proto Chest on their daily run.

Once you are done with your daily run, in the daily menu you will see your friends and global leaderboards. There is also a website that tracks daily stats by the name of thronebutt.

During the daily, on the loading screen and main menu screen, the word DAILY is displayed to remind players that they are currently participating in the daily run. The RESTART button from the main menu is also removed. A calendar icon appears in the top-left corner of the HUD during dailies.

Weekly Runs

Weekly icon.png Weeklies run every week from Monday evening to the last minute of Sunday UTC and are basically seeded runs with a set loadout. Your character and crown are fixed with a pre-selected starting weapon. Crown vaults all break automatically, making them inaccessible. You can play a weekly as much as you want until the time runs out. You can try optimizing your route, mutation picks, and strategies, but also master some of the quirks specific levels throw at you. Every Monday will bring a new weekly and a new leaderboard to conquer. 

Completing a weekly will unlock the Crown for the character as normal. This can be an easier way to acquire post-loop Crowns.

Weekly suggestions are submitted by users and voted on by the official discord via the dailies-and-weeklies channel. They originally were submitted via reddit threads with specific themes, and in the future may be hosted in another way, such as on the leaderboard tracker thronebutt.


Destroying all four Large Generator props during the Palace area boss fight guarantees that a Loop Portal opens after the boss is defeated.

After entering the Loop Portal you will return to the place where you pick your character - The Campfire (area 0-1). After clearing it you will teleport back to the Desert but this time with some gameplay changes which increases difficulty. You can loop the game for as long as your character stays alive.

Gameplay changes


  • The Campfire (area 0-1) and its Boss become a part of the regular game progression.
  • A selection of enemies from secret areas will spawn on progression areas:
  • Secret areas have the same enemy types they had pre-loop.
  • The dark transition areas (Sewers, Crystal Caves and Labs) will have loop-exclusive Bosses which also become stronger on additional loops.
  • The Crystal Cave's Boss will also spawn in the Cursed Crystal Caves secret area.
  • To enter the Pizza Sewers you have to kill the Sewer's area Boss first.
  • If an I.D.P.D. portal opens, there's a chance that a single Elite I.D.P.D. unit spawns from it instead of regular I.D.P.D.. The spawn chance equals 1/(6 - number of loops). It ranges from 20% on loop 1 to 40% on loop 2.
  • After looping the game a set number of I.D.P.D. Vans appear in every area except the Crown Vault and 7-3. One I.D.P.D. Van appears after you kill a certain amount of enemies in a level. Each loop adds another van. The moment any of these appear is randomized and anywhere between 20%-80% of all enemies killed on that stage. For example, on loop 3, the first van appears after you've killed 27% of enemies, the second on 45% and the third on 78%. All of the % values are randomized from 20% to 80% and are different for each area.
  • After the Campfire area on your third loop, all I.D.P.D. become mutated. I.D.P.D. Freaks will replace all regular and Elite I.D.P.D. units. Vans will unload I.D.P.D. Freaks and instantly explode after that. I.D.P.D. Freaks will also resurrect from enemy corpses which continuously happens on its own if at least one enemy is left alive on the level.


Pickups and Props

  • Pickups will fade faster the further you loop, following the formula:
    • For rads, it's ((from 5 to 6 seconds)*4)/(4+ number of loops)
    • For ammo, health and Portal Strike mini pickups it's ((from 6.7 to 7.7 seconds)*5)/(5+ number of loops)
    • For Cursed Ammo Chests it's (((from 6.7 to 7.7 seconds)*5)/(5+ number of loops))/3


Hard Mode

Hard Mode is unlocked by looping twice in one run (entering the Loop Portal twice).

Gameplay changes

Every change caused by looping the game (besides I.D.P.D. Vans) will happen from the start of your run in Hard Mode, including some additional changes:

  • At the start your character will spawn on top of a Large Weapon Chest, which will drop 3 weapons normally found in Desert 1-2 (check the Weapon Chest drops table).
  • Difficulty number for enemy spawns will start at 18 (normally found in 1-2 L1) and increase at twice the rate of a normal run. Entering a portal will increase the difficulty by 2 instead of 1 which increases the amount of enemies spawning in.
  • Weapon drops start from 1-2 and progress 1.5x times as slow. To increase the difficulty number for weapons by 2 you have to enter 3 portals instead of 2. Meaning weapons that normally drop from Weapon Chests from 3-2 will start dropping from 3-2, meanwhile weapons normally dropping in 5-2 will only drop from 6-2 onwards and so on (check the Weapon Chest drops table).
  • Enemies drop half less rads, rounded to the smallest whole number. Health pickups' drops are decreased by 40%.


Achievements are rewarded to the player after reaching certain milestones or achieving hidden goals in Nuclear Throne. After unlocking each achievement they will be listed on your Steam profile page. There is a total of 44 achievements in the game.

Achievement Unlock method
Melting Unlocked.jpg
Melting Unlocked
Die for the first time.
Eyes Unlocked.jpg
Eyes Unlocked
Reach the Sewers area.
Plant Unlocked.jpg
Plant Unlocked
Reach the Scrapyard area.
Y.V. Unlocked.jpg
Y.V. Unlocked
Reach the Y.V's Mansion secret area.
Robot Unlocked.jpg
Robot Unlocked
Reach the Frozen City area.
Chicken Unlocked.jpg
Chicken Unlocked
Reach the Jungle secret area.
Steroids Unlocked.jpg
Steroids Unlocked
Reach the Labs area.
Rebel Unlocked.jpg
Rebel Unlocked
Defeat the Throne II boss and loop back to the Desert area.
Horror Unlocked.jpg
Horror Unlocked
Defeat Hostile Horror.
Rogue Unlocked.jpg
Rogue Unlocked
Defeat the Nuclear Throne and sit on it.
Fish Can Roll.jpg
Fish Can Roll
Loop (reach the Campfire area) with each character (excluding hidden characters).
Crystal Can Shield.jpg
Crystal Can Shield
Reach the Cursed Crystal Caves secret area as Crystal.
Everything Hurts.jpg
Everything Hurts
Defeat the Nuclear Throne as Melting without choosing Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit.
Reach the Pizza Sewers secret area as Eyes.
Blood Blood Blood.jpg
Blood Blood Blood
Defeat the Nuclear Throne in under 10 minutes as Plant.
Get a starting Golden Weapon for each character.
Defeat the Technomancer boss as Steroids.
6e 69 63 65.jpg
6e 69 63 65

Eat a Hyper Rifle, a Hyper Slugger or a Hyper Launcher as Robot.

6e 69 63 65 translates to "nice".

Way Of The Chicken.jpg
Way Of The Chicken
Reach the Sewers area on Hard Mode as Chicken.
Forget The Old Days.jpg
Forget The Old Days
Defeat the Mom boss as Rebel.
Defeat the Hyper Crystal boss as Horror.
Never Look Back.jpg
Never Look Back
Defeat the Captain boss as Rogue.
Crown Life.jpg
Crown Life
Unlock a Crown as any character.
Ultra Time.jpg
Ultra Time
Reach Level Ultra as any character.
Good Find.jpg
Good Find
Unlock a starting Golden Weapon as any character.
Good Riddance.jpg
Good Riddance
Unlock a starting Golden Disc Gun or a Golden Nuke Launcher as any character.
Not Bad.jpg
Not Bad
Reach the Nuclear Throne during a Daily Run.
Reach Level Ultra as the Skeleton.
Frog Zone.jpg
Frog Zone
Play as the Frog.
Sit on the Nuclear Throne as headless Chicken.
Sincere Apologies..jpg
Sincere Apologies.
Die from your own disc.
Bandit Stopper.jpg
Bandit Stopper
Defeat the Big Bandit boss.
Dog Owner.jpg
Dog Owner
Defeat the Big Dog boss.
Hunter Killer.jpg
Hunter Killer
Defeat the Lil' Hunter boss.
Throne Sitter.jpg
Throne Sitter
Defeat the Nuclear Throne boss.
Advanced Sitter.jpg
Advanced Sitter
Defeat the Throne II boss.
Frog Slayer.jpg
Frog Slayer
Defeat the Mom boss.
Crystal Smasher.jpg
Crystal Smasher
Defeat the Hyper Crystal boss.
Techno Killer.jpg
Techno Killer
Defeat the Technomancer boss.
Vault Raider.jpg
Vault Raider
Unlock all Crowns for one character.
Go Hard.jpg
Go Hard
 Unlock Hard Mode by looping twice as any character.
The Struggle Continues.jpg
The Struggle Continues
Loop the game as any character.
The Struggle Is Over.jpg
The Struggle Is Over
Defeat the Captain boss.
Ultra Mutant.jpg
Ultra Mutant
Unlock all Crowns, a B-Skin and a Golden Weapon on every character.

Stream Keys allow you to access analytics and information on your runs, live as they happen, in JSON format every 15 seconds. You can use this data to create overlays for your livestream, interactive applications, analytics, or other things you can come up with. Check this page for more info.


This is all a quote from the Update #48 changelog temporarily.

We've got the first steps towards seeding now. It'll allow you to manually enter a seed, which should technically generate the same level over and over again. We don't really intend this to be used to get really good at one particular level, as Nuclear Throne is about improvisation and randomness, but it does allow for a couple of cool things, namely, playing the same level as your friends/enemies! Racing! In the future, it'll also allow us to do cool things like Daily Challenges.

So how does this seeding work? Right now, it's pretty hacky. It requires you to put a file called seed.txt in your save folder (info below), and in the first line of that .txt you can put any number or text you like, which will then be used as the seed for your level. Delete seed.txt if you want to go back to random runs.

Save locations, might be hidden folders:
Windows user


OSX user

~/Library/Application\ Support/com.vlambeer.nuclearthrone

Linux user

home folder/.config/nuclearthrone

We'll soon integrate this with the options menu, but just didn't have the time and energy left. You see, making seeding was HARD. Every time it was about 99% done, something else went and broke everything else completely. Let's just say JW suffered some migraine to get this working. Anyway, more user-friendliness in the future!

Seeding isn't working perfectly yet. There's, at least, a couple of things that'll totally break it. First of all, the seeding doesn't know how to handle different routes yet. If you go to a secret level/crown vault, it'll most probably change the levels you'll get. If you absolutely want the same levels as someone else, agree on the route taken towards the Throne. Secondly, enemy drops are not seeded, but random. This means that an enemy might drop different weapons on different runs. We're still looking into how we'll handle this!

If you decide to play with seeds, please let us know on the Steam Forums about your experiences in as much detail as possible. Are you getting different results on different runs? We'd love to know what you did differently this time. Thanks!

Local Co-op

Local co-op allows for two people to play the game at a time. Co-op is selected from the main menu, just under the 'play' option. Each player must select a different mutant to begin. You can choose the same mutant if one selects it via controller and the other using mouse.

Each character begins with whatever their starting weapon is and appropriate ammo. Health, weapons, and ammo are tracked separately, but radiation and level are shared. Both players are in control of mutation selection, so it's best to agree on which one is desired. If either player chose Horror, they must be the one to go through the portal in order to get the extra mutation choice, and the radiation beam will drain the rads from the shared pool, so use it with caution. Every time a mutation is picked, it will affect both characters. Crowns likewise affect both characters.

When one mutant dies, they leave a faded image of their damaged animation, which the other mutant can touch in order to revive them. When a mutant is revived, half of the living mutant's health is taken away and given to the one being revived. If the amount of health being taken is too high for the dead mutant's health bar (such as when reviving Melting), any extra health will be removed and wasted. This health is always split evenly, with any extra being simply removed, meaning that if someone with one health tries to revive another, they will simply both die. If either mutant stays dead for too long, the other mutant will start to steadily lose health, even during loading screens, and if you go through a portal while your partner is dead, there is essentially no way to continue the game.

Having two players does not increase the amount of weapon or ammo drops, so ammo will be a serious concern and should be handled carefully. Any ammo that gets sucked into the end level portal will be given to both players as the same ammo type. When one player walks over a gun, they are given the ammo for it, so if the other grabs it, they will not get any ammo for it.

Only the main player can unlock skins on co-op. Crowns are unlocked for the character on the Throne or one the loop portal.

At level ultra, you can only pick one of the two Co-op Ultra Mutations.

(Need confirmation on a few things, such as b-skins and random, and data on ultra mutations)

Other Game Features
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