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Cover Art for the Nuclear Throne OST


Nuclear Throne has background music for every level in the game (some parts of levels don't have music though). The music for the game was written by Jukio Kallio.

List of Music Edit

Legend of the Throne - Menu

If the campfire starts out with the ashes in a Vlambeer logo, then the music should start out with this music:

Campfire - After the menu music stops

Flashyn - Desert (1-1 to 1-3)

Biggest Bandit - Big Bandit Bossfight

Under Water - (1-?)

Groundwork of the Past - (2-1)

Lament of a Mother - Mom bossfight

What's That Smell - (2-?)

Mt. Rubble - (3-1 to 3-3)

Secret Entrance - (3-1 to 3-3)

Venus Mansion - (3-?)

Where the Guns at - ($$$)

Dogs - (3-3)

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