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Mom is a Boss encountered in the Sewers after looping at least once. She appears as a large purple mother of the Ballguy enemies.


Walk Phase

Mom will walk steadily in one direction, bouncing off walls. She will follow the player if they are close. Mom moves faster with each additional loop.

Toxic Phase

When the player is nearby, Mom will fire a projectile that does 5 impact damage and leaves a trail of toxic gas behind. Each toxic cloud does 2 damage and can heal Mom just like it heals Toxic Ballguy enemies. The projectile can destroy walls.

Spawn Phase

Bmama egg idle1.gif
Mom will continue to spawn green eggs behind her. Each egg has 35 HP. After a few seconds, if not destroyed, Ballguys will hatch out of these eggs, and because of the toxic gas Mom shoots, they are very likely to become Toxic Ballguys. Mom lays more eggs with each additional loop.

Death Phase

Upon death Mom will explode, firing 80 green projectiles around her location of death. Each Projectile does 2 impact damage.


  • If you damage Mom at least once with a Golden Weapon and keep that weapon until she is killed, she will drop the Frog Pistol.