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When the game is loading/generating a level, a Tip is displayed on the screen.

Some are universal and some are only showed after picking certain mutations or equipping certain weapons.

Character Tips[]




  • Noone compares
  • Active: anything
  • Passive: anything
  • Shapeless
  • Never the same
  • Clearly the most powerful
  • Random shifts shapes


  • The taste of mud
  • Like Kevin Costner
  • Gills on your neck
  • It's ok to eat
  • Duty calls
  • Last day before retirement


  • Crystal can handle this
  • Family


  • Telekineses pushes projectiles away
  • Eyes can't speak
  • All these thoughts
  • Don't blink
  • Eyes sees everything


  • It's ok to be scared
  • Brr...
  • Cough
  • Everything hurts
  • Melting is tired
  • It's so cold out here


  • Gotta go fast
  • Snare is a source of light
  • Plant can hold RMB to see further
  • Photosynthesizing...
  • No mercy
  • Blood blood blood
  • Death death death
  • Kill kill kill

Yung Venuz

  • Pop pop
  • No popo
  • Guns for fake necklace
  • Guns that send textses
  • Guns that make breakfast
  • Guns that straight festive
  • Guns with 6 senses
  • Guns that hate texas
  • Guns that wear vests it
  • Mony
  • 2 Yung 2 Die
  • #verifyvenuz
  • Thanks Gun God
  • So cool
  • Yung Venuz is the best
  • Yung Venuz is so cool


  • Read a book
  • Get strong
  • Get shots
  • Appreciate revolvers
  • Steroids used to be a scientist
  • Steroids could do pushups forever
  • Study hard
  • Time to flex


  • Don't forget to eat weapons
  • I'm afraid I can't let you do that
  • Guns for breakfast
  • 74 61 73 74 79 (Hex Code, translating to "tasty")
  • 3c 33 (Hex Code, translating to "<3")
  • 72 6f 62 6f 74 (Hex Code, translating to "robot")
  • 6b 69 6c 6c#61 6c 6c#68 75 6d 61 6e 73 (Hex Code, translating to "kill all humans")


  • Throw damage scales with your level
  • Getting decapitated reduces max HP
  • Again
  • Amateur hour is over
  • Never surrender
  • Go
  • Focus
  • Remember the training


  • The scarf is nice
  • Allies take damage over time
  • Your first ally costs less HP
  • Spawning new allies heals old ones
  • It will get better
  • A new generation
  • Allies are a source of light
  • Change is coming
  • Forget the old days


  • Firing the beam pauses rad attraction
  • Enemies absorb the beam's rads
  • Horror's beam destroys projectiles
  • Horror's beam powers up over time
  • Power
  • The horror
  • In the zone
  • Radiation is everywhere


  • Keep moving
  • Never look back
  • Never slow down
  • They're getting closer
  • Never stop
  • Another world lost
Big Dog
  • Big
  • Dog
  • Hard
  • Dusty
  • Dry
  • Nothing...
  • Wait for me
  • Don't hold it up
  • Keep going
  • Let it all out
  • Gass is good
  • Bloated
  • Restless
  • Let's go
  • Can't wait
  • Nice
  • Cool

Weapon Tips[]

Ammo/Weapon Type



Bullet Revolver Trusty old revolver
Rusty Revolver This Revolver is ancient
Triple Machinegun Triple Machinegun, so much fun
Quadruple Machinegun The future is here
Smart Gun It thinks
Minigun Time to rain bullets
Double Minigun Sea of bullets
Assault Rifle
Rogue Rifle Loose cannon
Hyper Rifle Hyper time
Heavy Revolver Heavy bullets
Heavy Machinegun Get some
Heavy Assault Rifle Go for it
Pop Gun How does this thing even work
Pop Rifle Let's hope this works
Incinerator . . .
Bouncer SMG Watch your back
Bouncer Shotgun They're everywhere
Shell Shotgun
Double Shotgun Double Shotgun, double fun
Sawed-off Shotgun A true melee weapon
Wave Gun Shoot 'em up
Eraser Goodbye head
Auto Shotgun Just hold down the trigger
Flak Cannon 10/10
Super Flak Cannon 11/10
Flame Shotgun A burning sensation
Double Flame Shotgun Incinerate them
Auto Flame Shotgun Raining fire
Assault Slugger
Gatling Slugger Time to gatle
Super Slugger No need to aim
Hyper Slugger Time to hyper
Heavy Slugger Get out of here
Bolt Crossbow
Auto Crossbow 225 bolts per minute
Super Crossbow 5 bolts per shot
Toxic Bow Hold breath while firing
Heavy Crossbow A true burden
Heavy Auto Crossbow Weighs you down
Splinter Gun This will hurt
Splinter Pistol Watch your fingers
Super Splinter Gun Terror
Seeker Pistol No hiding
Seeker Shotgun No escape
Disc Gun We hereby sincerely apologize
Explosive Grenade Launcher Be careful with those grenades
Sticky Launcher Don't touch sticky 'nades'
Toxic Launcher Don't breathe'
Hyper Launcher Point and click
Heavy Grenade Launcher Watch out
Grenade Rifle Distant explosions
Grenade Shotgun Don't get too close
Auto Grenade Shotgun Stay away
Cluster Launcher Small explosions
Gatling Bazooka Explosions
Super Bazooka This is getting silly
Nuke Launcher This is what started it all
Blood Launcher Built with spare parts
Blood Cannon Fully organic
Flamethrower Burn burn burn
Dragon Hot breath
Flare Gun Signal for help
Flame Cannon Inferno
Energy Laser Pistol Futuristic weaponry
Laser Rifle
Laser Minigun Energy bill off the charts
Laser Cannon Oh Laser Cannon
Plasma Gun Fun fun
Plasma Rifle Fun fun fun
Plasma Minigun All the fun
Plasma Cannon Fun fun fun fun
Super Plasma Cannon Comedy
Devastator . . .
Lightning Pistol Thunder
Lighting Rifle A storm is coming
Lightning SMG Heavy weather
Lightning Shotgun Hurricane
Lightning Cannon Typhoon
Melee Screwdriver Screwdriver will fix it
Chicken Sword Chicken loves her sword
Wrench Hell
Shovel Dig
Sledgehammer Steel on steel
Blood Hammer Drip
Lightning Hammer Shock value
Jackhammer Break some legs
Energy Screwdriver Future fixing
Energy Sword Zzzwwoonggg
Energy Hammer Break a leg
Ultra Ultra Revolver Feeling ultra
Ultra Shotgun No chance
Ultra Crossbow Nowhere to hide
Ultra Grenade Launcher They'll come
Ultra Laser Pistol Unstoppable
Ultra Shovel Perfection
Golden Golden Revolver B-)
Golden Machinegun Expensive Machinegun
Golden Assault Rifle Burst of gold
Golden Shotgun Beautiful Shotgun
Golden Slugger Priceless hardwood
Golden Crossbow Velvet handles
Golden Splinter Gun Even the ammo is expensive
Golden Grenade Launcher Even the grenades are gold
Golden Bazooka Worth its weight in gold
Golden Laser Pistol This thing gets hot
Golden Plasma Gun Beautiful alloys
Golden Wrench Shiny wrench
Golden Screwdriver Ivory handle
Secret Frog Pistol Always
Super Disc Gun Many apologies
Gun Gun Make it
Guitar There's no reason to fight
Black Sword Chicken fears her sword
Golden Frog Pistol Always believe in your soul
Golden Disc Gun Go in style
Golden Nuke Launcher Excessive

Mutation Tips[]

Mutation Tips
Back Muscle Great strength
Bloodlust Drink blood
Boiling Veins Temperature is rising
Bolt Marrow Bolts everywhere
Eagle Eyes Every shot connects
Euphoria Time passes slowly
Extra Feet Run forever
Gamma Guts Skin glows
Hammerhead Such a headache
Heavy Heart These guns
Impact Wrists See them fly
Laser Brain Neurons everywhere
Last Wish Listen
Long Arms More reach
Lucky Shot Ammo everywhere
Open Mind The truth is out there
Patience Wait a second
Plutonium Hunger Need those Rads
Rabbit Paw Feeling lucky
Recycle Gland Return
Rhino Skin Thick skin
Scarier Face Mirrors will break
Second Stomach Stomach rumbles
Sharp Teeth Eye for an eye
Shotgun Shoulders Shells are friends
Stress Shaking
Strong Spirit Believe in yourself
Throne Butt Sit on the Throne
Trigger Fingers Good idea

Ultra Mutation Tips[]

Character Tips
  • Unstoppable
  • Just one more day
  • Getting used to this
  • Stay strong
  • Just a scratch
  • Keep it inside
  • Show nothing
  • Know everything
  • Please stop...
  • The pain...
  • End end end
Yung Venuz
  • Vote 2 B cool
  • Go hard
  • 4ever
  • YV fact: YV is the best
  • Real thugs hustle
  • One of these days
  • #blessed
  • Airsiren.wav
  • #verifycuz
  • So strong
  • Let's hope this is correct
  • Don't panic
  • 73 69 6e 67 75 6c 61 72 69 74 79 (Hex Code, translating to "singularity")
  • 66 6c 65 73 68#69 73#77 65 61 6b (Hex Code, translating to "flesh is weak")
  • 6d 61 63 68 69 6e 65 73#77 69 6c 6c#6e 65 76 65 72#65 6e 64 (Hex Code, translating to "machines will never end")
  • Again we are defeated
  • Just like in the movies
  • This is destiny
  • No stopping now
  • All together now
  • Things are different
  • The light moves
  • The air is changing
  • They can't chase you forever
  • You deserve this
  • Use this
Big Dog
  • Fire at will
  • None will pass
  • Guard this land
  • No need for peace
  • Avoid the living
  • This is better
  • Smell great
  • Go forever
  • Sweet sounds
  • Singing
  • Bwahahaha
  • What a good time

Area Tips[]




  • The wind hurts
  • Dust surrounds you
  • Let's do this
  • Watch out for maggots
  • Scorching sun
  • The wasteland calls you
  • Welcome to the future


  • So many rats
  • Sludge everywhere
  • Water dripping
  • Danger
  • Don't eat the rat meat
  • Don't touch the frogs
  • The sewers stink
  • Don't drink the water


  • Portals can blow up cars
  • Climb over cars
  • Sludge pools
  • The sound of birds
  • Rust everywhere
  • Look up
  • There used to be trees here
  • Shoot robots on sight

Crystal Caves

  • Almost halfway there
  • Skin is crawling
  • Reflections on the walls
  • Don't lose your heart
  • Spiderwebs everywhere
  • Oh no

Frozen City

  • There is no yeti
  • Walk softly
  • Civilization
  • Miss the sun
  • They used to have electricity
  • Wear a scarf


  • Don't push any buttons
  • Nerds
  • Beep boop

The Palace

  • The Palace
  • This place is old

Crown Vault

  • Awww yes
The Campfire
  • This can't be true
  • Your friends were here
  • It's so dark


  • Don't move
  • It's beautiful down here
  • Hold your breath
  • Fish

Pizza Sewers

  • It smells nice here
  • Hunger...

Y.V's Mansion

  • 4 years later...
  • So much money
  • Always wanted to go here
  • Space...
Cursed Crystal Caves
  • There halfway almost
  • Crawling is skin
  • Everywhere spiderwebs
  • No oh
  • Heart of darkness
  • Welcome to the jungle
  • Bugs everywhere
  • There's something in the trees
Y.V's Crib
  • Wakkala wayo
  • Now this is real special
  • Get the hell out of here
  • Lets take a look in the fridge
  • This is where the magic happens

Crown Tips[]

Crown Tips
Crown of Death
  • Health is important
  • Boom
Crown of Guns
  • Guns are your friend
Crown of Hatred
  • Something is wrong
Crown of Destiny
  • No such thing as free will
Crown of Curses
  • Why
Crown of Protection
  • Safety First
Crown of Life
  • Heart matters
Crown of Love
  • You really like these weapons
Crown of Blood
  • Bring it
  • Get ready
Crown of Luck
  • It's all the same
  • The future brings death
Crown of Haste
  • No time for jokes
Crown of Risk
  • Good

Misc Tips[]

Category Tips
Tutorial Area Tips
  • The Nuclear Throne...
  • Don't worry
  • Everything will be just fine
Low Health Tips
  • Help
  • No no no
  • Good luck
  • This isn't going to end well
  • Oh dear
Cursed Weapon Tips

(uses creepily shaking letters)

  • Please stop
  • Let me out
  • I see you
  • Hello
  • Why
Daily Run Tips
  • One day
  • There's always tomorrow
  • One shot
  • Don't mess it up
  • The weather isn't so bad
  • Such a nice day
Weekly Run Tips
  • Keep Trying
  • Well prepared
  • Free time
  • What's next
  • This seems familiar
Loop Tips
  • No mountain too high
  • No valley too deep
  • We'll reach for the sky
  • There's no limit
  • What's happening
  • Monsters everywhere
  • It's a whole new world
  • This will never end
Hard Mode Tips
  • It can't be that bad
  • Take your time
  • Behind you
  • What does SFMT stand for?
  • Impossible
  • No way
  • Heh
Co-op Tips
  • Two heads
  • But who gets the Throne?
  • Help is here
  • Be careful
  • Shouting
  • What a burden
  • Friendship
Random Tips
  • There are other worlds out there
  • Doing alright
  • You get fewer drops when high on ammo
  • Don't get hit
  • Ammo drops depend on your weapon types
  • Fire at things until they die
  • Try not opening weapon chests
  • The Throne definitely exists
  • Energy weapons use lots of ammo
  • Crowns are loyal
  • Always wear dry socks
  • Steroids can dual wield
  • If only you could talk to the monsters
  • Pick your mutations wisely
  • Try hitting grenades for extra range
  • The I.D.P.D. is looking for you
  • Don't give up
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Follow your heart
  • No shame
  • Hold the phone
  • Doing work
  • Just another portal
  • So sweaty
  • Remember to take a 15 minute break for every hour you play!
  • What a life
  • The Throne is getting closer
  • Danger zone
  • Airhorn.wav
  • Bob and weave
  • No
  • It's happening
  • Going in big
  • Fear is the mindkiller
  • Crystal can shield
  • Watch out for dehydration
  • It's not fair, it's not right
  • Rosebud
  • Not today
  • Bandits like camping near barrels
  • Robots can digest anything
  • Always keep one eye on your ammo
  • Fish can roll
  • Assassins can pretend they're dead
  • Shells deal more damage from up close
  • Melee weapons can deflect projectiles
  • Explosives can destroy walls
  • HP will only drop when damaged
Loading Screen Tips