Jungle Assassins are a variant of the Assassin enemy. They are exclusive to the Jungle.

Jassassin idle hidden
Jungle Assassins disguise themselves as Bush props to blend into their surroundings. Otherwise, they act similar to regular Assassins, rushing down the player and dodging attacks. They have faster reaction time when compared to the regular Assassin. They also have more HP than regular Assassins.

Jungle MANN
The Jungle Assassin's slash works just like the Assassin's melee attack. It deals 5 damage on hit, and the Jungle Assassin will play a short animation right before swinging (red "!!!"). It can also deflect your projectiles and grenades. The reflected projectiles won't hurt your character but will hurt enemies. Reflected grenades will deal contact damage only to enemies but the explosion can still hurt you. It is also one of the few attacks that can pierce Crystal's shield. The Jungle Assassin only uses this attack when it's in melee range and won't swing at you if you're behind a wall.
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