Jukio Kallio might be better known as KOZILEK nowadays, but that wasn't always the case. The enigmatic Finn met Vlambeers Jan Willem Nijman and became a fellow member of The Poppenkast, an indie collective that focused on making games in Game Maker. While Jukio donned the nickname 'stampede' in those early game-making days, he became 'KOZILEK' when his focus started to wander towards the part of game creation he liked most: music. Quickly evolving a distinct musical personality, KOZILEK became synonymous with music with powerful and catchy themes that work as well in games as they do in clubs. Vlambeer reached out to Jukio to work on GUN GODZ and LUFTRAUSER before, and KOZILEK has happily agreed to return to work with the team on Nuclear Throne.

Fun Fact: Jukio and Joonas Turner are neighbours!

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