The Inspector is one of the three I.D.P.D. troops that can spawn through the game. Unlike the Grunt, each inspector teleports in as a single unit.

The Inspector has a similar ability to the one Eyes has. They pull the player closer and push projectiles shot by the player away. They also use an I.D.P.D. version of the Slugger that shoots a fast, far-reaching blue slug. Unlike every other ranged enemy, all I.D.P.D. troops (including the Inspector) can shoot your character from point blank.

Like Grunts, the Inspector can throw a blue I.D.P.D. grenade that will glow (in the same way their portals do before spawning) before bursting into a large blue explosion that can deal 8-16 damage. Unlike regular explosive weapons, these grenades won't damage I.D.P.D. units.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While activating its telekinetic ability the Inspector says something that sounds like "Gravity" in Finnish.
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