Boss Hyper Crystal

The Hyper Crystal is a boss encountered in the Crystal Caves after looping. It appears as a large Laser Crystal surrounded by five smaller Laser Crystal enemies that constantly circle around the boss. Each loop after the first will add two more Laser Crystals.


Attack Phase

Laser Crystals charge up and shoot 4 laser beams in a burst at the player, dealing 1 damage per hit animation, up to 2 damage. They will show the direction in which they shoot by painting a target on the wall and a trail of red particles. The Hyper Crystal itself doesn't have a ranged attack.
Laser Crystals do 20 damage on contact, which can kill your character if they stand too close to the boss. Hyper Crystal itself does 200 damage on contact and can destroy walls while moving.
As you fight the boss you will damage and eventually kill the Laser Crystals. Damaging the Laser Crystals can detach them from the boss. They will then stop circling around it and continue to act like regular enemies, slowly moving in random directions. Whenever there are only two Laser Crystals left surrounding the boss, they will detach from it on their own and Hyper Crystal will summon a new set of five Laser Crystals. This will happen sooner as the Laser Crystal count increases with each loop.

Search Phase

When you hide behind a wall, the Hyper Crystal will send out its Laser Crystals to explode near your character. As the Laser Crystals expand away from the boss they will stop rotating. Their explosions can destroy walls and can blow up your cover. Each explosion will also create a fixed pattern of 7 lasers around its center. The boss will continue to do this until it has clear sight of your character and its surrounding Laser Crystals are able to shoot in your direction. Each loop after the first will add two more lasers to the explosion.

Secret Area Version

Boss Hyper Crystal Cursed
If you enter the Cursed Crystal Caves secret area during a loop, you will fight the Hyper Crystal which will be surrounded by Cursed Laser Crystals. The boss will spawn them instead of regular Laser Crystals as they get destroyed. It can rarely spawn a Lightning Crystal as well.

Cursed Laser Crystals have the ability to teleport away from the boss during its Attack Phase while Lightning Crystals will constantly emit lightning. Both enemy types can explode during the Search Phase.


  • The reason behind Hyper Crystal's ridiculous amount of contact damage was explained by JW on the Steam forums. - "Whatever part of your body touches it, is instantly stretched almost infinitely into the next dimension."
  • The Hyper Crystal screams and will laugh if your character dies during the boss fight, as if it was human.
  • The Hyper Crystal's boss theme is "Mind Killer".
  • The Hyper Crystal's boss theme in the Cursed Crystal Caves is "Cursed Killer".
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