How to help

  • Everybody can edit this wiki, feel free to do so!
  • Every edit is helpful, no matter how big or small. Simply reading through articles and fixing any typos/grammar mistakes is a big help!
  • Create an account! You can still contribute without one, but with your own account you can communicate with other users and people will see what you helped working on!
  • Check the recent updates for anything that still needs changes on the wiki. Check the bottom of this page to see a list of what is currently outdated.
  • Don't randomly edit new content right after an update if it looks like a large edit is in progress in the recent activity. Message an Admin beforehand to make sure you're not messing anything up.
  • Contact an Admin via their Message Wall or Steam.

If you ever notice someone ruining the wiki please let an Admin know about it so we can take action.