The Health Mimic is a very dangerous enemy because of what form it takes. Any player low on health who sees a Medkit in a level may feel relieved, but be wary as it could be your downfall. There's a 1/51 chance after the Sewers area that a Medkit becomes a Health Mimic. Once a Health Mimic is killed, it will drop two mini pickups (Mini Ammo Chests and/or Mini Medkits) and 15 Rads.

There are a few ways to find out whether a chest is a Mimic or not:

  • It won't have the "shine" effect that regular chests have,
  • It will play an animation gnashing its teeth every once in a while.
  • It makes a high pitched giggling/chirping sound that can be heard if your character is close enough,
  • It also does the attack animation when it's touching another enemy,
  • In the end the easiest way to know whether your chest is real or not in the heat of battle is to just shoot it.
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