The Fire Trap is a stationary turret that shoots flames in the 4 cardinal directions, alternating between the horizontal and vertical directions. The Fire Trap's range can be easily identified as it leaves scorch marks on the ground.

The Fire Trap shoots its flames up to around 13 tiles away. The flame jets are easily stopped by walls, enemies or props that are in its path. Plant's Vines will block them as well.

When hit by the flames, the player takes one damage per frame of the fire touching the player.

The Fire Traps can be destroyed by explosives or anything capable of destroying walls, and it's often wise to do so. An easy way to destroy the traps is by firing a Bazooka at it, as its missiles travel quickly, have unlimited range, and explode on contact with a fairly large blast radius. It also gets destroyed when walked over if your character has the Hammerhead mutation.

When the level ending portal is activated, all Fire Traps stop shooting fire and all of their fire immediately disappears.


  • Before Update #83, the flames from a fire trap would linger against the wall they collided with.
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