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Eyes is a manipulative mutant who can outsmart his enemies and see threats coming he otherwise wouldn't have. His active allows him to lure enemies into hazards or towards himself, pull in pickups and weapons, and steer projectiles away from himself.


Eyes can see better in the dark transition areas (Sewers, Crystal Caves, and Labs) as well as the Crown Vault. The completely black part of the screen is only slightly darkened and the circle of clear vision is bigger.


Eyes can use telekinetic powers to attract enemies, stationary chests, mini pickups (including cursed pickups), rads, and dropped weapons towards him. Additionally, he can slightly push away enemy projectiles, and manipulate fire and toxic gas. It also pushes away any projectiles reflected by enemies and discs from the Disc Gun. It doesn't affect grenades.

Throne Butt[]

Eyes' Throne Butt increases the effectiveness of Telekinesis; pulling enemies closer much quicker and pushing projectiles away faster.

Ultra Mutations[]

Eyes A

Projectile Style

While using Telekinesis, your projectiles will be frozen in a stationary position on top of Eyes, in the direction of where you shot your gun. Projectile Style also pulls projectiles reflected by enemies towards you. Upon deactivating Telekinesis, all projectiles will continue to travel to their initial destination and behave as normal.

Melee weapons will have less range while using Telekinesis.

Eyes B

Monster Style

Push away nearby enemies.

Enemies will be pushed passively, but not while Telekinesis is activated.


Eyes telekinesis
Eyes' special ability has its good and bad side, but, with the right weapons and mutations, Eyes becomes a good melee character. Combining his special ability with Throne Butt and Euphoria can almost stop enemy projectiles and pull every enemy within your melee range. Eyes is also good with both piercing and short range weapons, due to the ability causing enemies to group up and get close to you. He can also see better in the Sewers, Caves, and Labs, which allows you to see enemies from further away and gives you more time to react. Telekinesis can be used to pull dropped weapons and take more weapons with you through a portal to the next area.
Useful mutations:
  • Long Arms - With Eyes, you can more easily pull enemies into melee range. Only recommended preloop with strong melee weapons like Energy Sword + Laser Brain.
  • Bolt Marrow - Telekinesis makes Eyes hands down the best character in the game for a ranged build.
  • Euphoria - Combined with Telekinesis, heavily reduces the threat of enemy projectiles.
  • Gamma Guts - Negates the threat of enemy contact damage and allows you to score extra damage towards enemies Eyes attracts.
Eyes is unlocked by reaching the Sewers area.


  • "Eyes has a backstory but he has no mouth to share it, which is really sad." - Jan Willem Nijman
  • Eyes is one of the original five characters.
  • Eyes' B-Skin was suggested by Gieron on one of Paul Veer's streams.
  • Though Eyes speaks, it's not known how they do it, though their voice lines are muffled, suggesting their method of speaking is covered.