The Explo Guardian is among the most effective enemies in the Palace. It drifts toward the player, squishes down, and releases a massive amount of green bullets in a tight 360-degree spread, instantly destroying any walls beside it. Thus, if it fires while it is standing right next to a thin wall, it can destroy the wall and then fire projectiles through the newly accessible area.

If they are killed while charging their attack, there is a reduced number of projectiles, traveling at a much slower pace. they also create an explosion that can destroy walls but does no damage to the player. Melee weapons such as an energy sword or hammer are recommended for handling these guardians as they destroy its particles both from its attack and death. Facing it among other palace guardians may be difficult and overwhelming, as multiple Explo Guardians create a never ending barrage of swift neon death. The best way to deal with their projectiles is to hide behind cover.

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