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The Elite Shielders are upgraded versions of the I.D.P.D. Shielders. They appear after the Campfire area on loops. Elite Shielders have high amount of health, and use an I.D.P.D. version of the Plasma Minigun. Fires inaccurate bursts of blue plasma projectiles, from 4 to 6 at a time. Each plasma projectile deals damage the same way as Plasma Weapons projectiles which is 4-16 and causes a plasma explosion that deals 10-20 damage.

Their shield ability functions the same as the regular Shielder's and will reflect your projectiles. After the shield disappears, the Elite Shielder teleports to a random location in the area.

Elite Shielder Shielding.gif

Attacks deflected by the shield:

Attacks negated by the shield:

  • Small Plasma projectiles (no impact damage but the projectiles explode),
  • Bolt Weapons: bolts, splinters and seekers,
  • Fire Weapons,
  • Missiles (no impact damage but the missiles explode),
  • Blood Cannon projectiles (no impact damage but the projectiles explode),
  • Hyper Launcher's grenade (no impact damage but the grenades explode),
  • Toxin,
  • Horror's rad beam,
  • The shield is solid and blocks damage from the Gamma Guts and Sharp Teeth mutations,
  • Green bullets like those of the Frog Pistol.

Attacks that bypass the shield:


  • Elite Shielder's teleport is based on Crystal's active ability upgraded by the Throne Butt mutation.
  • Elite Shielders have objects reminiscent of crystals on their shoulders.