The Elite Grunts are upgraded versions of I.D.P.D. Grunts. They appear after the Campfire area on loops. They have more health than regular Grunts and utilize what appears to be an I.D.P.D. version of the Assault Rifle. They will fire bursts of 3 fast, blue bullets.

Instead of throwing a grenade, if they do not have line of sight to the player they will occasionally fire Bazooka-like missiles that deal 4 damage on impact, and cause large blue explosions. The explosion can deal 8-16 damage. Unlike regular explosive weapons, these missiles won't damage I.D.P.D. units.

Elite Grunts roll much farther and much more often than their predecessors. They can shoot and change directions while rolling.


  • Elite Grunt's roll is based on Fish's active ability upgraded by the Throne Butt mutation.
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