Special variant of the Laser Crystal which appears in Cursed Crystal Caves. Emits purple smoke particles from its body. It shares the same statistics with the regular Laser Crystal, but every few seconds it will teleport over a short distance in a random direction. Unlike the Laser Crystal, it can't drop weapons.

Similar to the Laser Crystals, this enemy moves somewhat slowly in a random direction, and does not try to chase the player. They deal lethal contact damage, so fighting in close quarters is not recommended, especially since it can randomly teleport on top of your character.

When the player comes within its line of sight, the Cursed Laser Crystal charges up and fires a burst of 4 laser beams. Each laser does 1 damage per hit animation, dealing 2 damage total. The laser is determined by a line of pink sparkles that show where it will fire. The crystal can also tele-frag the player if he/she is close enough to The Crystal. It doesn't move or predict the player's movement while firing.


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