Special variant of the Crystal Spider which appears in Cursed Crystal Caves. Emits purple smoke particles from its body. It shares the same statistics with the regular Crystal Spider. However, it drops more rads than the regular Crystal Spider and has a 25% chance to split into two Cursed Crystal Spiders upon death. These split versions will not drop rads when killed.

Like the Rat, the Cursed Crystal Spider is a melee enemy. The Spiders have faster movement, but they appear to be less aggressive than the Rat, as they don't run towards the player nearly as much. However, they deal more damage than the Rat and have more health, so the player should be wary if there are larger numbers of them, especially that they can double their numbers upon death.


  • Crystal Spiders used to be purple. That was changed to light green in update #23 to make them easier to spot in Crystal Caves and changed again to orange in update #61. The purple colored Cursed Crystal Spider were added in update #67.
  • All enemies from Cursed Crystal Caves have their sounds randomized.
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