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The place where all mutants gather around a campfire, ready to start their journey to the Nuclear Throne.

Besides Fish, who always spawns directly above the campfire, Eyes, who is on the right, Melting on the left and Crystal below, all other mutants' positions are randomly generated.


All the mutants can be seen doing their own idle animation when around the fire. When selected, a new animation plays. When unselected, the normal animation plays. When random is selected, the camera will focus on the campfire instead of the selected mutant.

  • Fish will play a guitar on a log. He will sing when selected.
  • Crystal will polish her hand. She will inspect her polishing job from multiple angles when selected.
  • Eyes will use Telekinesis to drag a maggot back to him. He will step on the maggot to prevent it from escaping when selected.
  • Melting will be sleeping on the ground. He will roll over while selected.
  • Plant will be eating a dead Bandit. It will look at you and growl when selected.
  • Yung Venuz will be counting money by tossing it down. He will throw it all in the air when selected.
  • Steroids will be reading a book. He will close the book and tap on it with his hand while looking up curiously when selected.
  • Robot will be contracted and charging. It will go alert and look around when selected.
  • Chicken will be watching her television. She will pause it and turn slighty when selected.
  • Rebel will be sitting on the ground, wrapped in her scarf. She will stand up when selected.
  • Horror will float in the form of a featureless sphere. It will drop to the ground and assume its normal form while crouching playfully when selected.
  • Rogue will tinker with her backpack. She will put it on when selected.
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