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A page with challenge runs in Nuclear Throne, feel free to add new challenge runs.


If you have a record for one of the challenges, feel free to put your score at the bottom of the respective challenge. The score should have proof to go with it, in the form of a screenshot or recording. You can do this by, while in the editor, clicking Insert->Reference. A recording is recommended if you want to post challenges like the Mutation Challenge or Melee Only challenge, as screenshots of the death screen can't prove that you did them.

If a record is tagged with [not verified], then there is not enough information to prove that the score is legitimate. You can provide proof for unverified scores, or you can replace them with verified ones, even if the score is lower.

Coop loop[]

longest coop play


1-3 L4

Green Thumb[]

Play as Horror, with their A skin.

You many only acquire a mutation if its in-game icon contains green as its primary color or is purely monochromatic. if no such mutations are available, choose a mutation that is mostly green in the mutation selection screen.

if a green icon mutation is available, you must choose it above a monochromatic one.

List of green-icon mutations:

Back Muscle

Extra Feet

Gamma Guts

Laser Brain

Last Wish


Plutonium Hunger

Scarier Face


Strong Spirit

Monochromatic Mutations:

Rhino Skin


Acquired Taste[]

As Robot, make it as far as possible using only weapons that are looked down upon in terms of quality (Grenade Shotgun, Pop weapons, Toxic weapons, etc) and eat any others.

Record: n/a

Toxic Trip[]

Get as far as you can with Frog while only using his active or using toxic weapons. You can't use any other kind of weapon. You have to use only the active until you find a toxic weapon and then you can shoot.

Crystal Chaos[]

Play as Crystal. You have to take Juggernaut. You have to take Throne butt if you see it, and if you don't then take any other mutation with Crystal as the icon (Hammerhead, Rabbit paw, etc.) You can only take other mutations if there is no Throne butt or other mutations with crystal as the icon.

I Don't Need No Tricks To Kill[]

As Y.V., make it as far as you can without ever using Pop Pop. Recommended that you do not choose Throne Butt or Back to Bizniz mutations.

Record: n/a

Raw Fish[]

As Fish you can only use the Blood Hammer and the Guitar when you loop and make it to campsite. You can pick up an explosive weapon to get to 2-? but nothing else. The trick is you can only swing mid-roll. If you swing out of roll you must use the Blood Hammer to be hurt for 1 damage, even with guitar (Also including misses whilst standing still). You must take Throne Butt, Second Stomach and Bloodlust above all other mutations (Ranking: Bloodlust > Throne Butt > Second Stomach > Everything Else). Only restriction is no Last Wish. The test is how far you can get. Just edit your save file to start with the Blood Hammer and you are good to go.

Use this guide to edit your save file:

Record: n/a

Everyone but Melting[]

You must play as Fish or Crystal, and start without a Crown or Golden Weapon. Over the course of the run, you must meet the requirements for unlocking every character except Melting. That is, during a single run, you must accomplish the following tasks:

Reach 2-1 (Eyes)

Reach 3-1 (Plant)

Reach 3-? (Y.V.)

Reach 5-1 (Robot)

Reach 5-? (Chicken)

Reach 6-1 (Steroids)

Reach 1-1 L1 (Rebel)

Defeat Hostile Horror (Horror)

Sit on the Throne (Rogue)

Record: 7-3 L1

Head Hunter[]

You  must play as either rogue or rebel , you may only take mutations that appear as heads,  (strong spirit , bloodlust , etc.) thats about it.

Record: n/a

Melting the mutant hunter[]

You must start as melting , you must start with the golden machine gun , you must start with crown of death or crown of blood and you may not drop either , and you may only use automatic weapons , you must also avoid certain mutations , these mutations are: strong spirit , impact wrists , rhino skin , boiling veins , sharp teeth , scarier face , hammer head , trigger fingers , and if you play with crown of blood you must take ultra B

Record: n/a

Revolver Only[]

You can start off as any character apart from Y.V and Steroids (Recommended: Robot ). You are not allowed to use the golden revolver! You may pick up weapons but you are not allowed shoot any of the weapons apart from the revolver.  Thank you and have fun!  

Record: 0-1 L3[not verified]

Mutation Challenge[]

Pick a number from 1 to 4 at the start of the game. The number you pick depends on the mutations you get throughout the following run. For instance, if you pick 2 you can only pick the 2nd mutation (from left to right)  throughout the whole run. Thank you and Have fun!

Record: n/a


Choose any character you like and head for the weapon chest in the level right ahead. If there is a melee weapon in it, pick it up and start your Melee run. if not Reset and try again. (or just pick chicken :D) You may not use any form of melee other than the basic, such as a chicken sword, sledgehammer, or wrench. Jackhammer does not count. Essentially, if the weapon uses ammo, you can't use it.

You are not allowed to use a single non-melee weapon, Doing so will cause you to fail the challenge. Have Fun!

Record: n/a

Melting B-Skin Challenge[]

Choose Melting as your character and never pick the Rhino Skin Mutation, As soon as you do choose the mutation you have failed the challenge. Have fun!

Record: n/a

Y.V. Pop Pop Challenge[]

This challenge is simple. Pick Y.V. You are only allowed to use your Special to kill enemies. If you end up finding Throne Butt as a mutation, you must take it, no matter how impractical it is at the situation. You must also pick back 2 bizniz as your ultra mutation. Using your primary fire will void this challenge. Enjoy~!

Record: n/a

The Bling Challenge[]

Play as Y.V only and try and get as many crowns as possible, you are not allowed to pick no crown or the same crown in a row.

Record: n/a

Stack Modus Challenge[]

Play as Robot. At each level, you must consume the weapon you have had at last level and obtain a new one. You may only keep one weapon with you at the end of the level. You may not use the same variant twice in a row. Woe to you if you end up with a screwdriver, Disc Gun, or any poison weapon. Enjoy~!

Record: n/a

Pop Gun Aint That Bad![]

Play as the character of your choice, and by 1-3, have a Pop Gun, and only use the pop gun for the remainder of the game. each kill counts as a point, and 100 points for every boss killed after Big Bandit. Enough said.

Record: n/a

Screen Shake Challenge[]

It's just a regular run, but with much more screen shake. If you see a burst fire weapon, an explosive weapon, or a high fire rate weapon, you should take it to make this more of a challenge than just tapping the fire button every second. The rule for posting a record is: you must have equal or higher screenshake and higher level than the previous record. The goal for the challenge is to reach the Nuclear Throne; if you can beat the Nuclear Throne, PLEASE have it recorded.

Here is a guide on how to save edit; please do not abuse this:

To edit the screen shake, just enter the number you want (ex. 50 = 5000% screenshake, 5 = 500% screenshake, 69 = 6900% screenshake, etc.) in the place that says screen shake

Record: 7-3 at 50000% Screenshake[1]

Golden Challenge[]

Start as Y.V. and only use golden weapons. You cannot use golden weapons you have gotten on a previous run. The only other weapons you are allowed to pick up are any kind of Screwdriver. (To get to the mansion in order to get other golden weps.) You are allowed to attack with the screwdriver. Have fun!

Record: n/a

Fish Can Roll Challenge[]

As Fish, never stop rolling. You must choose every mutation that is currently useless to you, the one exception being his Throne Butt, which you are required to get if you see it. (Examples being picking Last Wish as your very first mutation, Long Arms while having no melee weapons, etc) You must also pick up any weapon that you find useless, or unwieldy. (Such as the Screwdriver, Disc Gun, Grenade Shotgun, etc)

Why do this? Because Fish can roll! You don't need good guns or mutations!

Record: n/a

Weapon Challenge[]

Pick up every weapon you see.

Record: n/a

True Blue[]

As Rogue, begin with the Crown of Love, which will change all weapon crates to ammo crates. *requires starting Crown option* You may only use her Portal Strike and Rogue Rifle.

Record: n/a

Telekinetic Mastery Challenge[]

As Eyes, you can not stop using his telekinesis ability after a few seconds when you start moving in a level and you can't stop using it until another portal appears. You must also choose a mutation with Eyes on its icon and Thronebutt if you ever see it (Thronebutt must be chosen over any mutation) You can use any weapon or crown.

Record: n/a

Shovel Blight[]

Use the save edit guide from the "Screen Shake Challenge" above to change Melting's starting weapon to a shovel. Acquire the Better Accuracy and Long Arms mutations if you can. Have fun! Highest score is difficulty reached, only use shovel and cursed weapons if you can find any.

Record: n/a

Family challenge[]

Start as Fish , Eyes , Crystal , Plant or melting . Pick only mutations with art of your current character , if there is none progress to pick fish's , if there is no for Fish proceed with Eyes , then crystal , then melting , after that plant's mutations .

Ex. - You are playing as crystal , the choice of mutations is : Extra feet , Hammer head , Plutonium Hunger and Back muscle . Not picking hammer head will result in failing the challenge . If you are playing as melting you must pick extra feet because of fish being first on the list . ( If there are multiple mutations wich follow the rules you are allowed to choose )

Record: n/a

Smile Guile[]

For this you will need Plant and a shell (Shotguns, flaks, and sluggers) weapon. Acquire one before the end of 1-3 to start the run. Then, you can only shoot the weapon if it hits an enemy close enough to you that you don't see the pellets that hit. You can hit other enemies than your target with extraneous pellets. Have fun! Highest score is difficulty reached. You must pick "Throne Butt" if it appears and "Trapper" if you get to the final mutation level. You can only pick up new shell weapons, do so as you see fit.

Record: n/a

Muscle Man[]

This one is simple, play as Steroids, and pick manly mutations. Take Rhino Skin above all others, and use your mind for this one. If it improves your manliness and muscles, take it. If nothing appears like that, take what will make you strongest in game. Why are you doing this? Because be a man, twinkle toes! Have fun! Don't get any Eyes mutations unless literally none others appear. If throne butt appears, take it unless a manlier option presents itself. Score is enemies beaten to the ground! 100 bonus points added for the "final" boss and every secret or looping boss you beat, and 10 for every normal boss.

Record: n/a

A Simple Man[]

Play as any character you want, do a normal run through the desert, and get the weapons you want, beacuse they'll be the last you'll get. From the sewers and above you cannot pickup any other weapons that are not 1-1 to 1-3, because a simple man gets simple tools.

Record: 3-3 L1 (Shovel - slugger)

DJ Y.V. Challenge[]

A simple challenge, no completed run necessary. See how well you know the Nuclear Throne Soundtrack by playing as Y.V. and pressing B perfectly to the leading track of every song on every stage, and see how long it takes before you die. The higher your screenshake, and loop counter, the higher your score. Bonus points for incorporating the Golden Challenge, and/or putting on a Crown of Blood.

Record: n/a

Wall Turret[]

This run is not for the easily frustrated or distracted. Using Robot, attach to an outer wall immediately upon beginning each round. You may not fire while off of the wall, and may not collect anything that is outside the range of the wall. If you do, or IF YOU MISS ANY SHOTS, you fail the challenge. This includes stray pellets and the like. Have fun! If you shoot a weapon that travels and damages enemies without stopping before coming to a halt to preform an action, like Plasma Gun or Flak Cannon, the projectile must hit an enemy when it halts and preforms that action, otherwise it counts as a miss regardless of if you hit something in it's path. Points are final area BEFORE failure (If you fail at 7-3, your score is 7-2.).

Record: n/a


This one's less harsh; as any character, only use (besides the pistol to get you started) any weapons that come out of a portal. If you get a weapon into a level ending portal, when it comes out on the next level, it's available, but only then. Have fun! Highest score is difficulty reached.

Record: n/a

Suicide Bomber Challenge[]

Pick Melting, and only use melee weapons; other weapon types are off-limits. No restriction on mutation choice.

Record: n/a

Bloody Melt Challange[]

Pick Melting with Crown of Death, and use only revolver or explosive weapons (You can use Blood Hammer, but you can't use any energy weapons). Do not use Rhino Skin, but you must use Boiling Veins.

Record: n/a

Expert Bloody Melt Challange[]

Pick Melting with Crown of Death, and use only revolver or explosive weapons, and on Area 5-1 you must pick up Blood Launcher and on Area 5-3 pick up Blood Cannon (You can use Explosive Weapons only) (or you can edit savegame After Area 5-3 you can use only Blood Launcher or Blood Cannon. Do not use Rhino Skin or Last Wish Mutations, but you must use se Boiling Veins.

Record: n/a

Explosive CQC Expert Challenge[]

Use either Steroids or YV, and only use the starting revolver, explosive weapons, and shell weapons. Melee is allowed as well. Challenge starts when you get Boiling Veins. You can only attack enemies if they are really, REALLY close to you. Don't use the following mutations:

  • Shotgun Shoulders
  • Throne Butt
  • Long Arms
  • Gamma Guts

You aren't allowed to use your special, and you have to use the Crown of Death as well. Good luck!

Record: n/a

Campaign Mode[]

Play as each character in order and beat the *SPOILERS* campsite with each. If you fail once, you must start over. Have fun! Score is every level in the loops you beat for every character combined excluding the campsite. The only characters you may save for last are Melting and Rogue. You must unlock Horror DURING your campaign run, before you reach him (it?) in the list (You can delete your save through the menu now, so do it if you already have him unlocked.). To submit a score you MUST have video proof, as none other would suffice for this kind of challenge.

Record: n/a


These next 10 challenges are all part of the special one challenge. If you're the first to manage all ten, with video proof, your name goes down here as MASTER of this game. They are based off a comment I saw on another page in the wiki. And the fact that I've never beaten this game while others seem to find it VERY easy. (And to clarify, "Beat at least one loop to win," means reaching the campsite twice.) Ya know, after making all of these, I've realized something. I'm an awful human being. And I love it.

Record: n/a

Strength Mastery[]

Play as Steroids and duel wield EVERY weapon (have the same one in both slots) in the game IN ONE RUN. Rusty revolver and any others I don't know of that can only appear once in one run are exempt. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Perception Mastery[]

Play as Eyes and visit EVERY level type in the game, including secret levels IN ONE RUN. You MUST get to the level versions that have extra bosses on loops. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Endurance Mastery[]

Play as Crystal and loop 3 times IN ONE RUN. Mwah ha ha! Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Charisma Mastery[]

Play as Yung Venuz and press "B" every time you or someone/thing else fires a round. You must spam it if a fire enemy spits out a stream of it. Beat the *SPOILERS* campsite to win. (Why do I feel like this one's the easiest?) Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below. And yes, you essentially do have to spam it during the final boss. I imagine that will suck.

Record: n/a

Intelligence Mastery[]

Play as Robot and never miss a shot. This means you must hit WHAT YOU WERE AIMING AT. If it hits another enemy it still counts as missing. You also can't be hit. Essentially, be a robot. Beat at least one loop to win. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Agility Mastery[]

Play as Plant and get Extra Feet on the first level up, and only use melee (This means you must also get a melee weapon first level as you can't use the revolver). Beat at least one loop to win. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Luck Mastery[]

Play as Melting and kill only one enemy each level without using your active (Right-click) ability. Every other enemy MUST die from your active. This includes bosses, so you essentially have to defeat them first before fighting anyone/thing else. The reasoning behind this one is that the first enemy can't be killed by your active because it requires that something dies. You MAY kill creatures using the environment, as long as you don't kill them with your ammo. This means explosive cars and canisters and the like are fair game. Beat at least one loop to win. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Obedience Mastery[]

Play as Chicken and only use her sword. Do not even pick up other weapons to throw them, they are off limits. Beat at least one loop to win. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Negligence Mastery[]

Play as Rebel and beat the *SPOILERS* campsite without firing a single shot (or swing a single melee item). This means you must use your companions to defeat EVERYTHING that stands between you and victory. Gamma guts is allowed but not recommended. Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Evasion Mastery[]

You knew this one was coming, didn't you? Play as Rogue and never get hit by the I.D.P.D., only defeating them when they are the only enemies left in the level. Beat at least one loop to win (Thank you Devs for making Elite I.D.P.D. This one's for you. :) Have fun! There is no score, if you have video proof of beating it, your name gets on the list below.

Record: n/a

Something Entirely Different[]

So, the SPECIAL ONE challenges aside, here's something to do for massive amounts of fun. Today, good players, I'm going to single-handingly prove that Shotgun/Crossbow weapons are the best in the game. With ANY character, use the Save Editing guide (Somewhere in this wiki, try the search bar or community tab) to equip your chosen character with the Auto Crossbow or the Auto Shotgun to start the game. Then, get as far as you can, looking to get the other of the two weapons. You second slot if free until then, BUT when you find it, you may only use those two weapons. Have Fun! Score is highest difficulty number reached, but this one isn't really about the score. Also, make sure to get the Shotgun Shoulders and Bolt Marrow mutations if you see them, they are required over any other mutations and make it SO much more fun.

Record: n/a

Chicken's Bloody Run[]

Something random I thought would be a good idea. To start, simply edit your save so that you are playing as Chicken and start with a Blood Hammer. The only self imposed rules are that you:

a) Can only use melee weapons and your throws

b) Must stay at 4 health or lower (If you get above 4 health, you must purposely damage yourself w/ the hammer)

Points are gained for every boss you kill. Keep looping until you die/give up. Maybe easier than that Obedience Mastery challenge, maybe not.

Record: n/a

Don't Be Yourself[]

Play as one of the original 5 characters. (Fish, Crystal, Melting, Eyes, or Plant)

Don't pick up any mutations that have your character on the icon. For example, if you play as Eyes, you may not take Euphoria or Eagle Eyes.

Record: n/a


Play as Plant

You must get a melee weapon with a wide swing arc (I.E shovel or sledgehammer), or a gun that fires tons of projectiles in a spread (I.E Triple Machine Gun or Shotgun) (You may use save edits for this challenge as long as you start off with either a shotgun,sledgehammer, or shovel.)

Set Screen-shake to 100% or higher.

You must take Extra Feet and Back Muscle.

You may not take Rhino Skin or Eagle Eyes.

Record: n/a


Play as Y.V.

Start with any gold weapon.

You must activate every Proto-Statue you come across.

Record: n/a

Child Support[]

Play as Rebel.

Spawn a minimum of 1 ally per level.

Don't let any allies die, unless you are fighting a boss, or are in a transition level.

You must take Ultra B.

Record: n/a

Mutation Less[]

Play as Horror

You aren't allowed to get any mutations and must empty your rads canister before each level.

Record: n/a

Ageless Shovelry[]

Play as Chicken, Melting, or Steroids, with your save file modified so you start equipped with an Ultra Shovel. You may not pick up and use other weapons. Your score is based on your number of kills multiplied by how many mutations you have.

As Chicken, you can throw the Ultra Shovel, but no other weapons. If you lose the Ultra Shovel when you go through a portal, the run is over.

As Melting, you can use your corpse explosions, but you can't take Throne Butt.

As Steroids, you can use your pistol only if you don't have the rads to use the Shovel. You can pick up a second Ultra Shovel if you find one. If you die with two Ultra Shovels, you can add 10% to your score for each loop.

Record: n/a

And Last, I Shall Leave.. EXPLOSIONS![]

Play as Y.V.

Golden Nuke Launcher

Crown of Death

You may ONLY shoot with Pop Pop

If you see Thronebutt/Brrap you MUST take it, no matter the circumstance.

You may only have a secondary weapon if the weapon meets all 3 of these circumstances: 1, Cursed 2, Not Explosives, and 3, Not Bullets.

You can only use your secondary when on 2, 1, or 0 Explosive Ammo (aka When you can't shoot)

Goal is to make it to IDPD Captain/Jane Johnson

You must take Back 2 Bizniz as your Ultra

Oh, and no Boiling Veins :^)

Record: 4-1 L4 (Golden Nuke Launcher/Cursed Obliterator)

The Chicken Challenge[]

Play as chicken

You can ONLY throw weapons

You may only use the chicken sword

Disc Gun Challenge[]

You need a golden disc gun.

You need to beat all the bosses, including the post-loop bosses, using a disc gun.

NO picking up any weapons unless it is an explosive weapon or a screwdriver.

You may only use the explosive weapon/screwdriver if you have no more ammo.

NO using active (unless you're Y.V. and fish)

You must ALWAYS pick the mutation you deem the least helpful.

Over the Head Challenge[]

Play as Steroids

Use only the Revolver until you find either one of these: Shovel, Wrench, Sledgehammer.

You can only use those weapons and pick up those weapons.

You may only choose Mutations that have to do with Damage or Melee.

Gambling Addiction[]

For this challenge you have to play as skeleton

At the end of each level, blood gamble and use the lower-ammo-using weapon for every thousand kills you have + 1 (Ex. If you have 200 kills you gamble once, if you have 11853 kills you gamble 12 times)

For an extra challenge, gamble with the weapon that uses more ammo

For even more challenge, don't take throne butt

Record: n/a

Steroids The Gravedigger[]

Choose Steroids

Use nothing but two shovels via either finding them normally or save editing

For extra challenge, avoid Long Arms or Boiling Veins.

Try Me[]

Start with golden screwdriver, and play as Crystal. You can only hurt enemies by deflecting thier bullets with Crystal's active. You can use the screwdriver only if you cannot deflect projectiles at all. You cannot get any immunity mutations like rhino skin or boiling viens.

double take[]

probably the easiest challenge ever, just beat hostile horror as horror.


As melting, you must explode every prop and enemy possible. THIS INCLUDES THE THRONE STATUES ON 7-3.


As Robot, you must use the first blood weapon you can get. You have to take any mutation with 'E' in it. If multiple mutation have 'E' in it you can choose freely. Take crown of death as your crown. If you aren't using a blood weapon, you must eat that weapon (this does not apply if you have not found a blood weapon yet).

So many bullets, so little ammo.[]

With steroids, dual weld two double miniguns and keep both of them until you die.


Make an assassin deflect your bullet without you getting hit by the swing.

Challenge Runs

robots melee challenge[]

use robot, and start with golden wrench. you may only use melee weapons and you cannot get rid of your wrench you must eat all other weapons. regurgitation as ultra mutation and if you see it you must get open mind. your points are your areas cleared times 100+your kills. just put your score under runs and don't remove any others


one weapon type only[]

in this challenge you may only use the weapon ammo type in the find in the first chest or use only the weapon type of your starting weapon. your score is your challenge rating times 100+your kills. post runs below


mass accumalation[]

play as chicken. accumulate as many weopons as possible and throw them to the next portal. only attack by gamma guts or throwing. see how far and how much weopens you can get.

Bodyguard (Co-op challenge)[]

1 player must play as Melting, and the other must play as Crystal. Melting cannot use any weapons past whatever you found in the PRE-LOOP Desert zone. (Starting with a golden weapon is allowed.) Crystal must stay close to Melting and cannot let Melting die, through whatever means possible. The player playing as Melting chooses all mutations, or you can decide to prioritize mutations that help Melting survive. Crystal can die as many times as possible, until Melting dies, in which case the challenge will end. Your final score is your kill count divided by the number of times Crystal died.

barfing fireballs

you must play co-op, robot and yv, get super splinter gun for yv, anything for robot. you have to one-shot big-dog as yv with his thronebutt.