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The I.D.P.D. Captain is initially seated at the end of a large entryway at her colossal boss's desk on the last level of I.D.P.D. Headquarters. The fight with the Captain will only start when she is attacked. Beating the Captain will end your run.


Charge Phase

Takes a shape of a fist and charges in your direction, breaking walls along the way.

Teleport Phase

Teleports and afterwards shoots a blue sphere that splits into blue bullets after hitting a wall. This sphere can be reflected by melee (and will damage the Captain if it hits her), but when it explodes the emerging projectiles will still hurt the player (unlike reflected flak cannon shots).

Projectile Phase

Stays stationary and shoots out projectiles in two different patterns, one around herself and one in an arc in your direction.


  • The Captain seems to have a device similar to Rogue's Portal Strike on her back. This is probably another I.D.P.D. super weapon which gives her the ability to manipulate something that resembles a big, blue Guardian.
  • There's a diamond symbol on the Captain's forehead, on her desk, and on the floor of her office. It resembles a symbol that the Nuclear Throne has. Proto Statues have the same shape. Why they are all similar is yet to be known.
  • The Captain has several voice lines spoken in a language that resembles Finnish.
    • As the boss fight starts, she destroys her desk and yells "Dirty mutant!".
    • During the fight she will yell "Die!" and "No way!". She will also say "Fist" during her charge attack.
    • If your character dies the Captain will say "I am the law! Be gone!".
  • In design documents, Captain was referred to as "Big Popo".
  • Captain's voice was added in update #92. It's done by a voice over actress Myy Lohi.
  • The Captain's boss theme is "Captain".
  • The Captain has the most health for any boss in the game, more than the Nuclear Throne itself.
  • After looping the game the death screen message says "The struggle continues". Defeating the Captain will end your run and change that message to "The struggle is over".