• Smellyplatypus

    Spoiler Warning

    April 18, 2018 by Smellyplatypus

    On pages where the entire page is a spoiler such as loop bosses, there are large spoiler warnings saying that there is a spoiler on the page and that if one is not eady to view this spoiler they shouldn't continue on that page. I was wondering how I would be able to do it.

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  • GreyFang82

    So in the image I provide I try to measure the rotational speed so I can then transfer it to linear speed, but because the size of the swing changes from the left to right and the forward arc I have to make two calculations with one assuming the lower distance and higher ones, effectively giving a low-ball and high-ball of the speeds.

    In this video you can see it takes less than a second for the full arc of the wrench to appear but for sake of simplicity I will assume it does it in 1 full second

    111 px times 2.63 = 291.93 cm or 2.9193 m which is the Low-Ball diameter of the swing of the wrench (This is the purple line that goes from side to side)

    123 px times 2.63 = 323.49 cm or 3.2349 m which is the High-Ball radius of the swing of the wrenc…

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  • GreyFang82

    To understand why I use the measurements I do, please look at my original post

    So I was bored and decided to do more of height measurements for fun.

    Now the heights for the bosses I did a little differently.

    For Big Bandit there's nothing I changed he is what he was in game, but for big dog and lil hunter I removed the pole from big dog (it's more of an add-on in my opinion) and lil hunter's backpack as they make them taller than they should be.

    Also for comparison I left Rouge, (the person who's height scales everyone else's) Y.V., (The tallest playable mutant) and Robot (the smallest playable character)

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  • GreyFang82

    Heyo! So I did some math for some fun (I know, doing math for fun! what am I a nerd?) and I decided to measure out how tall all of the characters in Nuclear Throne are. But to do that I needed a base comparison so I decided to pick the only "normal" person in the group and that is Rouge. Rouge is a (more or less) normal human and if that is true then I can use her to find out everyone else's height in game. Now according to this website: the average (American) women's height who are over 20 is about 63.8 inches. (now I know that I am assuming things like where she was born and how old she is but still, this is just for fun) Now if I take that height and spread it out to each of her pix…

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  • WuY276

    YV C-Skin

    January 23, 2017 by WuY276

    At nuclear throne together YV have C-Skin. Can be it opened at regular nuclear throne? 

    (not excluded change of saves)

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  • SolarKnight2

    How to mutate idea

    December 7, 2016 by SolarKnight2
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  • XXDr.turtleXx

    playstation tv

    April 10, 2016 by XXDr.turtleXx

    does anybody know if you can play nuclear on a playstion tv without ps now in the north america because when I look up if I can play nuclear throne on the playstion tv in north america I have heard both yes and no

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  • XXDr.turtleXx

    Cross save

    April 4, 2016 by XXDr.turtleXx

    Can anybody tell me if cross save is planned for the console versions 

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  • DarkTree3

    basically, i'm gonna compile a bunch of random character ideas that i've thought of here. i semi-attempt to put balancing and effort into this stuff, but if you ahve any major/minor tweaks/suggestions, let me know.

    Div.Ide: large mech based off of character from overwatch, has a couple of different abilities

    Defense Matrix: active ability, for the cost of 20% of a random ammo reserve (including ones that you're not using) you can destroy most projectiles in front of you at a reverse-cone state (has some reach behind and to the sides of you near you, but then goes into a point after about 5-6 tiles), it destroys most projectiles almost immediately (it becomes more effective the closer a projectile is to you, if you use it while a bullet is ri…

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  • SqueakMouseTheBootleg

    Name: Survivor

      Creator: SqueakMouseTheBootleg

    Character Unlock: Reach the IDPD HQ.

    Health: 8

    Appearance: A humanoid figure wearing an orange raincoat, faded blue jeans, a gas mask, and black combat boots

    B-Skin: The gas mask is removed, revealing 9 glowing yellow eyes, and the raincoat and jeans look more beat up. 

    B-Skin unlock: Kill an Elite IDPD agent.

    Voice: A bit like Rebel's voice but distinctly male

    Starting weapon: Hunting Rifle (It looks like the bandit rifle but with a scope, deals 8 damage per shot and fires as fast as a wrench swings)

    History: After escaping from an I.D.P.D. raid gone wrong (leading to his home being destroyed by bombs), Survivor took up a life of living off of the land. All those years alone in the mountains did someth…

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