The "Ballguy" is a fat mutated frog that explodes with 8 green projectiles when killed. Best dealt with from a distance. Melee weapons destroy projectiles as it explodes making it (mostly) safe to attack.

When the Ballguy touches a cloud of poisonous gas created by a Toxic Barrel or a weapon, it will transform into a Toxic Ballguy. This is its elite form and is much tougher, with increased health and an ability to spew a constant stream of green projectiles.

Trivia Edit

  • Ballguy was originally referred to as "Frog", but YouTube personality Sleepcycles coined the term "Ballguy" during his videos. Vlambeer decided to change it after the community picked up on the name.
  • Ballguys are physically unable to stand still.
  • Ballguys don't deal any contact damage, meaning it is possible to kill one by touching it and then escape without taking any damage.
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