The Assassin resembles a bandit but dressed in purple rather than bandages. They are very quick and dangerous and run at the player in an erratic pattern, attacking with its rusty pipe. The Assassins are sometimes found in the Sewers and are a common enemy of the Scrapyard area. All assassins start out in the level playing dead, but can sometimes be woken up instantly from debris spawned by destroyed walls.
The Assassin often fakes its death by pretending to be a corpse. The player can identify this, as it peeks up every few seconds and makes a specific noise. Awake Assassins and asleep Assassins are two separate entities. When the Assassin is lying down it has 8 HP. If a player hits it for 8 or more damage, it will die immediately. However, if the Player gets too close, it takes non-lethal damage, or it is the only enemy left alive on the level, it will wake up and attack you.

Assassin like WHOT
The Assassin's sole form of damage is it's Melee attack, playing a brief animation (red "!!!") before attacking. They deal 5 damage and deflect projectiles from Player and I.D.P.D. weapons, but do no damage to the one that fired them or their allies. They will not attack their targets when they do not have a clear line-of-sight on their targets or are outside of melee range. Additionally, these are one of the few that can pierce the shields of Crystal and Shielders.


  • The sprite file for the Assassin's weapon is called sprPipe.png
  • Projectiles reflected by the Assassin used to damage your character. This way the Assassin could deal over 20 damage with a single swing, which would instantly kill any character. It was changed in update #82 to instead hurt other enemies.
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