The Alligator has a shotgun with the potential to wreak havoc on the player, but its slow reaction time allows you to take care of it before it does any damage.

Gator woha

The Alligator's shotgun shoots 6 pellets that do 1 damage each in a random spread similar to a regular shotgun. The Alligator plays a short animation before firing (red "!!!").

Although mostly encountered in the Sewers, Alligators can sometimes be found in the Crystal Caves by destroying the Cocoon prop. In the Sewers, Alligators spawn more often on the green glowing floor tiles.


  • Alligators used to have a lighter green color. That was changed in update #30 to make them easier to spot on glowing ground in the Sewers.
  • SprCigarette
    Before update #93, the Alligators stood idle and smoked a cigarette with the shotgun on their back. It was possible to attack the Alligators while they were unarmed. They would throw the cigarette on the ground and ready their weapon if they saw you or got damaged.
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